Emil František Burian

Emil František Burian (* 11. June 1904 in Pilsen; † 9. August 1959 in Prague) was a Czech composer and Dramaturg. Burian was at the Prager conservatoire pupil of Josef Bohuslav Foerster. Its uncle was the tenor Karel Burian (Carl Burrian, * 12. January 1870 in Rousínov, † 25. September 1924 in Senomaty), which as Wagner - singer admits became. Its large nephew January Burian (* 1952 in Prague) is in the Czech republic of well-known singer-songwriters.

It was member of the association of the modern culture Devětsi. 1926 - 1927 he worked on the released theatre (Osvobozené divadlo) the fact that it left after arguments with Jindřich Honzl as well as Jiří Frejka and (divadlo since-Since) created its own theatre. Besides it co-operated with the Schauspielhaus modern Studio (Moderní studio).

it stepped 1923 into communism|a communist party KSČ , at that time by conviction, which affected also its later working strongly. 1927 it created in music recitative group of theatres of Voiceband.

1933 it created the avant-garde theatre D 34 in Prague, which it led until 1940 and starting from 1945 up to its death. Between 1940 and 1945 he was in the concentration camp Theresienstadt, later in DAK-strikes and finally in Neuengamme arrested. In its free time he dedicated himself illegaly to the organization of cultural meetings for the arrested ones.

After the war it created the theatres D 46 and D 47. Except these three theatres, he led still three stages into Brno and the Karlín opera, which united in the so-called cooperative of the theatres of the work (Družstva divadla práce). After 1948 he was envoy of the national meeting of February 1948 (poúnorového národní shromáždění).

it transferred the theatre D 51 of 1951 into the federation of the Czechoslovakian army. This became later the artist theatre of the army, which brought in the rank of an officer for it. 1955 it left the army and the theatre in D 34 was renamed.

Burian composed six operas, five ballet, a symphony, a song cycle for singing and jazz volume, a Requiem for jazz volume and Voiceband, a Kantate, chamber-musical works, play, radio play and Filmmusiken.

E. F. Burian byl členem Devětsilu. V letech 1926 - 1927 spolupracoval s Osvobozeným divadlem,

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of works

its works are affected by Dadaismus, Futurismus and poetism, is strongly socialistically coined/shaped and partly agitativ.


  • before sunrise (Pred slunce východem), opera, 1925
  • the Quacksalber (Mastičkář), Opera buffa, 1928
  • Alladina and Palomid (Alladina A Palomid), opera after Maurice Maeterlinck, reworked as fairy tales of large loving (Pohádka o velké lásce), 1934
  • Maryša, opera, 1940
  • Bubu of the Montparnasse (Bubu z Montparnassu), lyric jazz opera, UA 1999


  • give on to the other bank (Krčma well druhém břehu)


  • Chceme want
  • to live film direction Věra Lukášová we žít)

film music

  • golden birds (Zlaté ptáče)
  • before the Abitur (Před maturitou)
  • siren (Siréna)


  • of negro dances (Černošské of tanks)
  • coming it people into the theatres with the Eisenhämmern (Pojďte, lidé, well divadla s železnýma kladivama)
  • around a new theatre (O nové divadlo)
  • turns it the Bühn (Zameťte jeviště) - here he expressed the opinion that the theatre belongs to those, which create it.


  • Karel Hynek Mácha - Máj
  • Alexandr Sergejevič Puškin Evžen Oněgin, the military (Vojna), the Volkssuite (Lidová suita).

Besides it composed a set of music pieces.

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