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Emil Jannings (* 23. July 1884 in Rorschach, Switzerland; † 2. January 1950 in Strobl, Austria) was a German actor.

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Emil Jannings (eigtl. Theodor Friedrich Emil Janez) becomes as a son of the American buyer Emil Janez and its German Mrs. Margarethe (geb. Schwabe) in Rorschach at the Bodensee born. It grows up as German citizens in Switzerland, in Leipzig and in Görlitz .

After it the High School without becoming Abitur left had forbidden and its parents to it, actors, drove it as a Schiffsjunge for one year to sea. After its return after Görlitz it was allowed to begin a Schauspielvolontariat at the theatre in Görlitz, where however missing talent was certified to it.

Jannings left itselfhowever and followed various moving stages do not confuse . Between 1901 and 1908 he bereiste so the entire German linguistic area. It received its first correct commitment thereafter at the city theatre Glogau. Commitments at the city theatres Rudolstadt followed, resound (Saale), Stettin, Bonn, King mountain, Nuremberg, Darmstadt and Bremen. 1915 he came then to Berlin, in order to play at nearly all stages of the capital with large success. It received a contract at the German theatre and formed themselves under the direction of max of Reinhardt as character actors.

1916 began its co-operation with Ernst Lubitsch with the German film. 1918 it played at the royal Schauspielhaus in Berlin the village judge Adam in Heinrich of Kleists the broken jug. With this role-haven-guessed/advised Jannings celebrated one of its largest stage successes.


thatits fulfilment did not see large character actors Emil Jannings in the film work. It was not artistic it an adequate medium for an actor to use due to the missing possibility, its variable voice accordingly. Nevertheless Emil Jannings until today is particularly unforgotten by its film work. First it usedthe expanding UFA as welcome source of money A and played year by year in numerous films. Many of it insignificantly - some became classical authors and Emil Jannings the largest German film star of the silent movie time.


of silent movies

after successes with the perhaps best films of Friedrich William Murnau became Hollywood on Emil Janningsattentively and got it 1927 into the USA, and it was promoted there to the internationally recognized star.

Emil Jannings was a first actor, that with the Academy Award as best leading actors one distinguished. It received the honor for the films “the last instruction” (1928) and “the way of all meat” (1927). From this film today no copies are more discoverably and also of the delivery of the honor are present no more Filmmaterial. The priceprematurely 1929 were handed over to him, since Jannings on the way was back to Germany.

Thus Emil Jannings became the first OSCAR winner at all and the only German in this category.

Jannings turned still three further films in Hollywood, however the arising Tonfilm terminated itsCareer in the USA, due to its strong German accent. It returned to Germany, brought Josef of star mountain also, in order to turn with it its most famous film with the UFA, which should be at the same time the beginning of another world career: The blue angel also Marlene Dietrich.


after the National Socialist seizure of power 1933 placed his art to Jannings into the service of the LV regime. Although it became never member of the National Socialist German labour party (NSDAP), it professed itself publicly to the LV ideology. As one the favourite actor von Adolf Hitler embodiedit in numerous films the gentleman human being idealized by LV propaganda.

1938 took over Jannings the line of the Tobis Filmgesellschaft, for which he was active also as a producer of own films. Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels lent the eagle sign , one of the highest honors of the LV regime to it.

  • Robert cook (1939) direction: Hans stone-hope (Jannings as Dr. Robert cook)
  • ohm of Krüger (1941) direction: Hans stone-hope (Jannings in the role of the South African Burenführers of the same name)

in acknowledgment of his achievement received it to 1941 the title state actor.

  • The dismissal (1942) Direction: Wolfgang Liebeneiner (Jannings as a prince Bismarck)
  • old heart becomes again young (1943) direction: Erich angel

old heart becomes again young was the last final film with Emil Jannings. It plays itself here an old factory manager, that on its old days stillonce falls in love. Its most well-known partner in this film was Viktor de Kowa, Paul Henckels, Elisabeth Flickenschildt and Paul Hubschmid.

Jannings began 1945 still with the turning work to the film where is Mr. Belling?, could do it however due to a heavy illness andthe shortly thereafter following end of the third realm any longer do not terminate. After the Second World War the allied ones imposed a lifelong professional disqualification over Jannings due to its schauspielerischen and business activity during and in the service of the national socialism.

Emil Jannings pulled itself back into its country house after Stroblat the Wolfgang lake and 1950 at cancer died. It was three times married: with the actresses Lucie polite, Hanna Ralph and Gussy Holl.


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