Emil Joseph Diemer

Emil Joseph Diemer (* 15. May 1908 in Radolfzell, † 10. October 1990 in foot brook) was a German chess player.

Although it was mainly in Southern Germany active and no important international tournaments win could, it achieved a certain popularityby of it under the foreign exchange “from the first course on matte “publicised Blackmar Diemer Gambit.

It won some smaller tournaments, thus 1952 that Swiss national tournaments, 1953 the cup tournament of Baden, two tournaments 1956 in the Netherlands and 1957 in Zwolle.

Diemer was since that24. September 1931 NSDAP - member, racingist and fanatischer Antisemit. To infer this is among other things its 1943 in the German chess newspaper published essay chess - fight and art, in which it - similarly as before it Franz Gutmayer - „the lame and cowardly JewishChess “with „German combat chess “compares. Its remarks went even to Ehrhardt post office, the Federal business manager of the largeGerman chess federation, too far. Post office feared a call damage abroad and criticized therefore Diemers remarks in March 1943 in the German chess sheets.

After the war turnedDiemer esoterischen topics too, in particular the Numerologie, the Reinkarnationslehre and the Prophezeihungen of the Nostradamus. After a controversy with functionaries it was excluded 1953 from the German chess federation. In October 1964 it was instructed into a psychiatric hospital. Starting from 1971 it was on localEven ones again schachlich actively, its last tournament portion played he 1985.


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