Emil Rathenau

Dr. - engineer E.h. Dr. phil. h.c. Dr. technical. h.c. Secret building advice Emil Moritz Rathenau (* 11. December 1838 in Berlin; † 20. June 1915 ebenda) was a German entrepreneur, son of Moritz Rathenau, father from roll ago Rathenauand Erich Rathenau.

Emil Rathenau
Emil Rathenau
Emil Rathenau um 1880
Emil Rathenau around 1880

Emil Rathenau was since 1865 partners of a engine works, on journeys abroad recognized it thereby the possibilities of new electro-technology. It acquired 1881 the rights to use of the patents of Thomas Alva Edison forGermany and created the German Edison society for applied Elektricität, which umfirmierte 1887 into general Elektricitäts society “AEG on this basis with the help of a bank group 1883.

1884 were Rathenau involved in the establishment of the citizens of Berlin of Electricitäts works and stood for these as a general managerforwards, he created 1903 together with its competitor and business partner Werner von Siemens Telefunken society for wireless telegraphy ltd.

Rathenau held numerous supervisory board mandates , so among other things pre-mounts AG with the citizens of Berlin commercial company and the electricity. W. Lahmeyer &Cost.

Rathenau was married since 1866 with Mathilde subsequent endorser, the daughter Frankfurt bankers.


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