Emil Rosenow

Emil Rosenow (* 9. March 1871 in Cologne; † 7. February 1904 in beautiful mountain/Berlin) was a German writer, editor and a realm tag delegate.

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Rosenow was the son of a shoemaker master and became with 14 years full orphan. He earned himself its living costs first as bookseller apprentice and a bank employee. Starting from 1886 it published the “Cologne humorist” and wrote its first novel, “the unfairness of the social life”. it stepped 1888into the SPD and “Cologne indicator ” worked, the “Elberfelder free ones press”, the “new world” (SPD organs ) and the “protection Jakob” for.

From 1892-1898/99 he was an editor of the SPD worker newspaper “the observer” in Chemnitz. In those years he in addition an important wrotesozialreformatorische writing for the improvement of the situation of the Chemnitzer workers and worked as a lecturer in history in the worker education association. As agitator and a realm tag candidate he held numerous speeches and became 1898 youngest delegates in German Reichstag.

Since 1894 was Rosenow with Marie Anna Ludwig, the daughter of theOwner of printering and publisher of the Chemnitzer SPD newspaper “the observer”, gets engaged, who it later before-light. Several times it was punished due to its political commitment with prison. Starting from 1898 it drew up the “Rheinisch Westfäli worker newspaper” and pulled 1900 after the birth of the children Annemaria and Marianne with its wifeto Berlin over.


of plays

  • Kater lamp (1902), comedy (1935 under the direction of Veit Harlan filmed)
  • in the shade live (1911), worker play

of novels

  • the ten red valleys (1898);
  • Principal one (1898);
  • Vehse, E. R. (Hrsg.), historythe Prussian yard (1903)
  • against the Pfaff rule Bd. 1 (1904) /Bd. 2 continued of H. Strobel, 1906
  • collected works (1906)
  • collected dramas (1912)


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