Emil rest

Emil rest (* 28. April 1884 in Adliswil, canton Zurich; † 25. March 1946 ebd.) was a Swiss composer, conductor and a music publisher. It composed also under the alias A. Books.

First it completed training as the music note setter in Zurich. Afterwards it studied at the there conservatoire with Volkmar Andreae, Lothar Kempter and Ernst Isler. As conductor and a composer he dedicated himself primarily blowing music natures to the amateur. 1908 it created a self-publishing house, in which works of well-known Swiss appeared blowing music composers.

Table of contents

of works

of works for blowing orchestras

  • 1908 - 1929 celebration sounds a collection of selected compositions to the use with Frühmusiken, Ständchen, solemn causes, services…
  • 1913 - 1931 march album collection of ever 12 selected beautiful marches
  • 1915 Swiss stage march
  • 1918 in the beautiful Tessin march
  • 1919 return to the homeland parade march
  • 1923 memory of Adliswil march
  • 1925 greeting at lock Hünigen march
  • 1928 Sursum corda fixed march with the cross driver song “most beautiful Mr. Jesu”
  • 1932 firm and tower music number 1 - collection of selected church compositions from old and recent time
  • 1935 firm and tower music number 2 - collection of selected church compositions from old and recent time
  • 1935 O beautiful God world! Fixed march
  • 1937 homeland and people song album
  • 1938 album of Christian songs for trombone choirs number 1
  • 1938 Hadlaub Ouvertüre
  • 1938 in the flight of the time Le temps volant march
  • of 1939 field service songs for Swiss Militärmusiken and music associations for the company of the singing or to the single lecture
  • 1940 light troops - Troupes légères march
  • 1940 Paraphrase over the Rütlilied
  • 1941 homeland - Patrie romance
  • 1942 youth country - Terre a de la jeunesse festive piece of character
  • of 1942 Swiss homesickness - mark you pays Paraphrase over J. - R. Weber song of the same name
  • 1943 album of Christian songs for trombone choirs or blowing music associations number 2
  • 1944 firm and tower music number 3 - church compositions of old masters
  • 1946 festive introduction - Entrée brineal firm and parade march
  • 1946 firm and tower music number 4, No. 26-32 - Collection of church compositions
  • 1946 Paraphrase over “desert at God” Appenzeller land municipality song “all life flows out of you”
  • dusk idyl
  • evening singing Paraphrase
  • evening bells Paraphrase over the song of the same name of Agathon Billeter
  • of the Hirten evening prayer
  • bell ring for blowing orchestras with tenor-horn-solo
  • after Zion
  • Psalm 126
  • Son chloches song with tenor-horn-solo
  • dream of the pilgrim Caprice

vowel music and choir music

  • 1916 honour is God in the height! Motette for mixed choir - after an old Hymnus
  • 1916 Osterpsalm Motette for mixed choir
  • 1918 celebration Motette over Psalm 118, 24-29 for mixed choir and solo quartet
  • 1923 Auferstehungsfeier Motette for mixed choir
  • 1926 sing, praise, praise clergyman of songs for a Singstimme with company of the piano, organ or Harmonium
  • 1927 from Psalm 34 Motette for mixed choir and double choir
  • 1929 Christian song treasure collection of most popular songs and singing, which appeared in the “Christian song fount”
  • 1933 praise singing and to religious of songs for mixed choir
  • 1935 await on God! Motette for mixed choir and. Solo voices.
  • 1936 Bethlehem a simple Weihnachtsaufführung for children. For in, two and 1936 nevertheless I always remain for dreistimmigen child choir, declamation
  • , 2 violins and organ at you! Motette for mixed choir
  • of 1936 God children popular one, easily executable Kantate after words of the holy writing and a poem choir and solo voices with company choir 1946 Weihnachtssterne of 7 new Christmas carols for mixed choirs A, mixed by organ piano or Harmonium
  • or with orchestra, mixed by Karl Johann Philipp Spitta,
  • for , 1936 of clergyman of solo singing from the popular
  • Kantate of “ God children” 1938 two of religious of songs for, cappella
  • the 98. Psalm for mixed choir and organ

of books and writings

  • Theophil Hug resting: 75 years Emil rest music publishing house 1908-1983
  • SLB magazine: Emil rest - composer, conductor and music publisher, 28. April 1884-25. March 1946 to the hundredth birthday


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