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Emil William Stumpp (* 17. March 1886 in Neckarzimmern; † 5. April 1941 in Stuhm, polarize (. Sztum), west Prussia) was a German teacher, painter and the most well-known German press draughtsman of the Weimar Republic

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Stumpp buildup in Worms in a large family. After the Abitur (1904) it studied first one term at the college of arts and crafts in Karlsruhe around then after the military service in Philipps university Marburg Deutsch to study Geschichte and Philosophie. The study led it to Berlin, to the University of Uppsala and back to Marburg, where it put 1914 down its state examination. Immediately after the exam it was called up into the army and experienced the end of the first war in the rank of a second lieutenant.

Starting from 1919 it was art and sport teacher at the hoof High School in king mountain, however already separated 1924 from the school service and worked from now on freelance as painter and a draughtsman. One its primary mission giver was the Dortmunder general indicator. Brand name of its numerous Portraits of important personalities from politics, economics, sport, spirit life and art enterprise was, it let which mark the Portraitierten themselves. It succeeded to receive after repeated attendance locally as only artist from EDP pool of broadcasting corporations Munch permission to it for portraitieren these.

to 1933 it received the order to draw from cause of the birthday from Adolf Hitler its Portrait then also to 20. April 1933 in the Dortmunder general indicator on the first side was printed. Consequence of this “critical” Portraits, better probably the caricature, was immediate synchronising of the Dortmunder newspaper by the national socialists and professional disqualification for Stumpp. Thus Stumpp entered in connection with the abolishment of the Pressefreiheit also German press history. In the subsequent years it held itself with the sales of pictures and designs abroad “over water”.

With an attendance in king mountain it had 1940 itself in Perwelk (today: Pervalka) on the kurischen Nehrung in-rented, expressed itself politically offenherzig and by its landlord people was denunziert. To 2. October 1940 he was arrested in Perwelk and by the special court king mountain to 14. January 1941 in a meeting of the court in Memel to one year detention condemns. At the age of 55 years Stumpp at the consequences of the prison conditions died to 5. April 1941 in the prison of Stuhm in west Prussia.


Stumpps deduction is in Emil Stumpp archives in gel living and by its nephew is administered. It contains numerous lithographies, designs, of water colors, of diaries, of letters beside several thousand originals. Emil Stumpp archives were created briefly after its death first by its daughter and their man, the composer Schwaen, in Berlin. A partial deduction is in Institut for newspaper research in Dortmund.

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