Emile Mpenza

Emile Lokonda Mpenza (* 4. July 1978 in Zellik /Belgien) is a Belgian football player and brother of the Belgian national player Mbo Mpenza.

Its it undertook first sporty going attempts until 1996 with process card Meswins; afterwards it played for the KV Kortrijk, from 1996 to 1998 with Excelsior Mouscron and then up to the year 2000 with standard Lüttich. Next career jump of the sprintstarken Stürmers was finally the change to the fiber plastic Schalke 04, at whose DFB Pokalsieg and vice-championship he had 2001 relevant portion. 2002 again won the Belgian national player with the scarf core the cup, however one year returned later to standard Lüttich. From summer 2004 up to the winter break 2005/06 the dark-membranous aggressor played again in Germany for the traditional association Hamburg sports association. To 10. It changed January 2006 for 1.5 million euro to the association aluminium-Rayyan in Qatar.

Mpenza is married and has a son (Lenny).


of international matches: 10 (for Belgium)
international match gates: 3 (for Belgium)
federal league plays:
(Before the play time 2005/2006)
105 (of it 79 for Schalke 04 and 26 for the HSV)
federal league gates:
(Before the play time 2005/2006)
32 (of it 28 for Schalke 04 and 14 for the HSV)



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