Emilia Rydberg

Emilia Rydberg (* 5. January 1978 in Stockholm, Sweden) is a Swedish singer, äthiopischer descent.

With 18 years she got her artist contract as a singer. 1998 publish it the single bend bend to World, which became then the world hit, at the beginning of of 1999 in all European countries Nr.1 in the Charts were, and world-wide over 4 million time sold itself. Afterwards it published still some Singles (among other things a Duett with Oli.P), then heard one only times nothing more from it to it 2004 in the Comebackshow on pro filters arose, from that it because of a Gallensteinoperation separated and only fifth became (after Limahl, Coolio, Benjamin Boyce and Chris Norman).

Emilias large musical model is Tracy Chapman.



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