Emma of your

Emma their (* 3. January 1857 in Glatz; † 8. January 1911 in Berlin) was a German politician and Gewerkschafterin.

In the year 1881 the Feministin in Berlin created the “woman auxiliary association for manual worker inside” and belonged, together with some different, also to the executive committee. In the year 1885 it created a further association together with Marie Hofmann with the “citizen of Berlin female worker association” for agency that interest of female employees. The citizen of Berlin female worker association was however already dissolved one year later by the police. Emma of their fought to far for the rights of the woman published starting from the year 1891 also a magazine under the name “the female worker”, later “equality”. It created further toolistic associations in the future and came by it into the constant conflict with the police.


after Emma of their one designated under anderm one the Emma their road in Berlin. In addition the German post office spends a stamp in honours Emma Ihrers as part of the continuous mark series of women of German history.

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