Emmanuelle (film)

film data
of German titles: Emanuela
original title: Emmanuelle
production country: France
feature year: 1974
length (PAL - DVD): 90 minutes
of source language: French
age release: FSK 18
direction: Just Jaeckin
film script: Of Jean Louis smelling pool of broadcasting corporations
production: Yves Rousset Rouard
music: Pierre Bachelet
camera: Smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Suzuki
cut: Claudine Bouché
  • Sylvia Kristel: Emmanuelle
  • Alain Cluny: Mario
  • Marika Green: Bee
  • Jeanne Colletin: Ariane
  • Christine Boisson: Marie Ange
  • Daniel Sarky: Jean

Emanuela/Emmanuelle is turned a Erotikfilm by Just Jaeckin, in the year 1974 in France after a novel of Emmanuelle Arsan. The commercial success of the film led to countless continuations (see for this Emmanuelle) and an abundance of similar soft ex films.


Emmanuelle travels to her married man Jean to Thailand, who is active as a diplomat there. It tries to escape from the there boredom by erotische adventures with the archaeologist Bee and the living man Mario.


  • wrote criticisms women and film: “emanuela” the product is corrupt männerfantasie. few plates over women are missing. in addition the film is not only sexistisch - women are indeed only object - but also racistic (...) that the action in the Far East plays, is safe no coincidence. with the ticket we buy a leaflet for ever more popularly the becoming (gentlemen) - travels to the free far world of a developing country in the far east, where women are constantly available.
  • The film service criticized the film likewise hard: This as „film hit from France " announced film is nothing else as a fashion shop Porno blown up with art-commercial Ästhetizismus and pseudophilosophical sayings („love is the craze after the physical desire "). With beautiful photographs he constantly tries to divert from his lyingness and stupidity.
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