Emmy Damerius Koenen

Emmy Damerius Koenen (geb. Zadach, divorced Damerius; * 15. March 1903 in Berlin Rosenthal; † 21. May 1987 in Berlin)

parents were workers, four children. Emma Zadach visited the elementary school and two and a half years the commercial evening institute. She worked thereafter as Werkstattschreiberin in art printering Heymann & Schmidt GmbH Berlin and as an employee in different publishing houses. Until 1923 commitment with the nature friends and Pazifisten. 1923 entrance into the communist youth federation, 1924 into the KPD. 1922 to 1927 marriage with Helmut Damerius, a child, deceased.

Until 1934 she worked honouring and full-time for the KPD semidirect line Berlin Brandenburg, among other things as a political woman employee and/or. Chief of the woman department, since 1933 illegal work. 1934 in Moscow in the woman Mrs. the communist international one actively, 1935 and 1936 study at the west university in Moscow under the pseudonym Emmy Dublin. After dissolution of the university 1936 employment in the KPD lines in Prague, Zurich and Paris. Since Prague 1937 partnership with William Koenen. In January 1939 emigration to England. She was female worker in London, was 1943 initial member of the free German movement (FDB) in London and 1944 Mitinitiatorin of the woman commission of the FDB. 1940 until February 1941 internment island one.

In December 1945 together with William Koenen return to Germany. In and Dresden resounds actively as talking document urine. Since its return 1945 in Saxonia commitment for the creation of local woman committees, since 1946 was it 2. Chairman of the woman committee of the country Saxonia.

During the establishment of the democratic woman federation of Germany (DFD) it played a dominating role in the preparation committee. On the German congress of woman for the peace of 7. to 9. March 1947 in the citizen of Berlin admiral palace, the congress of establishment of the DFD, held it for main paper to international questions and became one of the four deputy chairmen of the new woman organization. In April 1948 it replaced the past non-party DFD chairmen Anne Marie Durand Wever, their choice as a DFD chairman took place on the DFD Federal congress to 29. /30. May 1948. It used their international experiences successfully for the admission of the DFD into the international democratic woman Mrs. (IDFF), 1945 in Paris particularly from communist inside and anti-fascist inside based.

In consequence of the SED resolution over west emigrants 1949 and at the same timeas consequence of internal arguments with the SED Frauensekretariat under the direction of Elli Schmidt and Käthe core had it in the spring 1949 the DFD presidency to deliver. In May 1949 Elli Schmidt transferred the post as a DFD chairman.

Emmy Damerius Koenen was after long illness from 1950 to 1958 talking document urine, cadre chief and/or. deputy chief talking document urine in the publishing house the economy in Berlin. After 1958 she worked free lance as a lady journalist and was up to the death of her married man in October 1963 woman employee of William Koenen. Emmy Koenen left numerous articles in the woman press of the Soviet zone of occupation and published for the history of the SED and for the history of the DFD detailed memories.

She deceased to 21. May 1987 in Berlin Friedrichshagen and was buried at the cemetery of the socialists in Berlin Friedrichsfelde, Pergolenweg.


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