Emmy of Rhoden

Emmy of Rhoden, eigentl. Emilie Augusts Karoline Henriette Friedrich, geb. Bold one, (* 15. November 1829 in Magdeburg; † 7. April 1885 in Dresden) was a German authoress.

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“Emmy of Rhoden” was the alias of Emmy Friedrich, a daughter of the banker August Friedrich bold one and its wife Henriette Friederike geb. Herd off. 1854 married it with 25 years the writer and journalist Dr. Friedrich Friedrich. With it it had a son and a daughter, the later authoress Else Wildhagen.

When their married man became to appoint 1867 as the editor-in-chief of the citizens of Berlin court newspaper, it followed it with the children into the capital. 1872 established it in iron oh , in the years 1876 to 1885 lived themselves and worked it in Leipzig. Spent their last Lebensjahre Emmy from Rhoden to to their end of life in Dresden, where she died 1885 at the age of only 55 years.


of Rhodens literary Œuvre consists to the majority of narrations, which were published in the family album of the Austrian Lloyd and in the citizens of Berlin magazine Victoria. Besides developed after long searches, among other things at the school of its daughter, the youth novel the defiance head. A pension history for adult girl. The Stuttgart publishers Gustav way published it few weeks after its death. The book became a large success, belonged - similarly the nest checkmarks - to volumes - over generations to the standard reading of growing up young girls and is also today still well-known. 2003 appeared with Ueberreuter an unabridged new edition, 2005 a shortened extra charge in the row arena child book classical author.

Due to the sensational sales figures wrote Emmy of Rhodens daughter Else Wildhagen two continuations: From defiance head bride time and out defiance head marriage. The authoress Suze la Chapelle Roobol terminated the defiance head - cycle finally with the volume defiance head as a grandmother.

The Tetralogie (defiance head, from defiance head bride time, from defiance head marriage, defiance head as a grandmother) formed the collecting main for the film defiance head of the Bavarian broadcast for 1983.


  • the defiance head, 1883
  • the musi edge child, 1883
  • Lenchen brown, 1883


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