of large Emu (Dromaius novaehollandiae)
Row: Land vertebrate animals (Tetrapoda)
class: Birds (Aves)
subclass: Urkiefervögel (Palaeognathae)
order: Run birds (Struthioniformes)
family: Dromaiidae
kind: Emus
scientific name
Vieillot, 1816

the Emus (Dromaiidae, Dromaius) are a family and a kind of flight-unable run birds (Struthioniformes) from Australia. They cover two since the center 19 beside the well-known large Emu. Century become extinct kinds, those on King Iceland and Kangaroo Iceland before the coast of South Australia occurred.


the next relatives the Emus are the Kasuare, with which they are sometimes united in a common subordination Casuarii. Emus educate a family with only one kind, to that the rezente as well as thosetwo become extinct kinds to be assigned:

  • Black Emu (D. more ater), King Iceland
  • † Känguruhinsel Emu (D. baudinianus), Kangaroo Iceland
  • of large Emu (D. novaehollandiae), Australia

the Tasmani Emu, which likewise became extinct, was probably against it noneindependent kind, but only a subspecies of the large Emus.


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