a Enforcer is an ice hockey player, who storming first acre within the own crew protects, so that these can concentrate in its entirety on their play. By Bodychecks, aggressive actions or provocative fights he tries to interrupt the play river of the opponent and divert this. Good ice hockey players, those gates to obtain at the same time and defend themselves must become are injury and their forces - straight in the long NHL season - fast worn. As example here the Stürmer Eric Lindros is mentioned, these in its past career eight brain vibrations suffered.

Well-known combinations of Superstürmer and Enforcer were Wayne Gretzky and Dave Semenko or Marty McSorley. One the most well-known Enforcer is Dave “The hammer” Schultz.

Every now and then a Enforcer is called also Goon, the latter is however rather adversely in the sense of a “tumben type of racquet” to be regarded.

In the German-language leagues the Enforcer is usually called Guard.

see also force in the ice hockey


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