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Ore gel Michael

of the angels (of the Greek άγγελος, ángelos - messenger, Ambassador over Latin angelus as translation of the Hebrew mal'ach ( מלאך) - messenger)a nature is, God or the Gods to the side stands in many religions, but one differentiates by them.

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angels in the Bible

the Bible knows in far parts of angels as own natures, God the range to belong. From angels is in both inthe genesis available creation narrations (gene. Chapter. 1 and chapter. 2) a speech, however in the whole Bible it is not pointed out that angels already existed before the emergence of the world and served God. It means also: , angels are creatures betweenGod and humans stand. ``

It is reported already early by angels, which in the Paradies as guards with the flame sword (1. Mose 3 to observe 24) are. In addition, characteristically it is here that angels are subordinated in the long run to humansand humans will direct later via angels (1.Kor 6, 3). Satan is a pleased angel, what means that he was a servant of God, which separated from God (that is wide-spread opinion, is Biblically however not supported. ThoseBible places, which are stated for the supporting of this thesis to act of kings, who are deeply fallen: Jes.14 from the king to Babel, Hes.28 from the king to Tyrus - from an angel to the Satan is there not the speech becomes! In Lk.10the Satan of the sky falls, but it was already before not angel, but Satan there, likewise Offb. 12) and its own contingent at angels under itself has. Angels, then we read in the Bible, are structured hierarchical, and itgives different kinds of angels. “The angel of the gentleman”, Cherubim (Pl. of Cherub), Seraphim (Pl. of Seraph).

In gene. 6, 2-4 emerges then “God sons so mentioned”, who operated with mortal women and thus” giants “brought out. While thoseantique mythology here to “pleased angels” thought, the motive by the context, into which it was placed, is entmythisiert: Meant here the “heroes of the Vorzeit” are, the first 10 generations humans from Adam to Noach, which are particularly enoughlived, however were however mortal. “God sons” are for the Bible first all humans, who keep their God even figurativeness also after the case of sin (gene. 1, 27). The expression “Mal'ach” for angels is used for the first time in chapter 19 by genesis, in the narrationthe escape guide from Sodom.

In the book Ijob (around 250-200 v. Chr.) dip the “God sons” then: Here Satan appears not as widergöttliche power, but as one of them (rear ones. 1, 6) and closes the “satanische with GodBet " around Ijobs Sündlosigkeit (v. 11f). Later God mentions the God sons again than first, it with the stars praised - obviously still before the creation of humans (rear ones. 38, 7). Here conceptions of an angel world become visibly, those thatCreation of the people world precedes and the fate of humans contributed.

In the late vision of final-arrange (Dan.7, 1-14, around 170 v. Chr.) against it remain the thrones, which are set up over God throne, empty. From angels is here onlyafter awaking the Sehers Daniel the speech: They interpret the face for it, without they play therein a role. The quantity without number, which is met forwards God throne (v. 10), is not angels, but those, inFinal-arranged exist and God anbeten.

The Bible assumes with the environment there are angels - himmlische spirit natures talented with consciousness -; but it does as far as possible without painting this sky world, which spreads at that time in other religionswas. You are many more important the function of the angels: humans of God word, present, to communicate intention and will fully valid in law. Therefore angels in the Bible appear often simple as “messengers of God” in human shape. They are certainly sovereign, like Godhumans far superior and not at the barriers and conditions of the human sense world bind: but these abilities withdraw usually behind their message.

The Bible mentions different kinds of angels, without arranging it in a clearly arranged angel hierarchy: Seraphim, Cherubim, ore gel, Thronoi, rule, principalities and Gewalten (see among other things: 1. Samuel 4,4; Jesaja 6,2; Epheserbrief 1,21; Kolosserbrief 1.16).

JHWH, the God of Israel appears now and then certain humans (for example Abraham in the Hain Mamre and Mose in the burning thorn shrubs) in angel shape. A special role plays in this connection the so-called “angel of the federation”, which appears Hagar, Abraham , Jakob, Moses , Gideon and Elija. Besides there is also the revenge angel, in that the angerGod shape wins. Above all however the angels form the “yard state” of God and its “army power”, with which God Zebaot, which “master of the army crowds “sometimes argues, for and also against humans. Angels have a special meaning also asDeliverer of welfare or court messages of God (for instance in the old person will during the destruction Sodoms, or in the new will with the birth Jesu and with Jesu Auferstehung at the Ostermorgen). Further tasks of the angels are after Biblical representation of the Bible protectionand emergency services for certain humans and groups of people (Psalm 91; Daniel 6,22; Matte house (gospel) 18,10; Lukas (gospel) 16,22; Apostelgeschichte 12.7).

Anbetung does not come to statements of the Bible the angels however too (Kolosser 2,18; Revealing 19,10; 22,9), but one teaches,that the holy ones (all Gläubigen) will arrange the angels (1 Kor 6:3). Jesus teaches that into the Auferstehung humans concerning marriage and immortality like the angels will be (e.g. Lukas 20:35 - 36). Paulus teaches expressly the transition of the terrestrial tothe unsterblichen body (1Kor 15:51). Flavius Josephus (Hades, VI) teaches from up-purchased men and women. While Sacharja 5.9 could be interpreted going there the fact that there are also female angels could do 1. Kor 11.10 the conclusion permit that the male angelsto the female attractions of the terrestrial women in the service are also susceptible.

The Biblical angel picture has often only little in common with that the art and Volksfrömmigkeit. Representations of the angels nice-end as deseaming contradict the Biblical representation. As a nature, thosein principle, extract themselves they belong to the “invisible world” (Nicäno Konstantinopolitanum) to the objectification. Nevertheless the language of the prayer can (see. Martin Luther tomorrow and evening gene), to which Liturgie and the poetry do not do without them. In order to understand the term “angel”and to interpret correctly, one must imagine the yard state of a king, emperor. There was always an intermediary as medium between king and people. Since one compared the realm of God with the yard state of a king, a medium had ago, thatthe connection between God and the people of God manufactures. Thus the angels in the transferred sense were brought into being. (Explanations of a Belgian theologian. e.g. to convey angels uses messages in the form of dreams.

Jewish-Christian tradition

many angel teachingsare outside of the canonical Bible writings. A typical representative of these writings not-Biblical in the strict sense the chronicles of the Henoch are supposed, in the 3. For century before Christ developed, however from older sources feed themselves. In these chronicles becomesin detail on angels, its names, its tasks and its characteristic characteristics reports. Henoch describes its journey in its chronicles into the ten skies, where he saw and documented a working of the angels. The chronicles of Henoch became of the church father Hieronymus in 4. Century after Christ to Apokryphen explains and to them thereby the rank of a holy writing denied. Newest studies resulted in that many contents of the Henoch texts appear in the new will.

The Judentum knows beside in the Bible the specified Ore angels (Gabriel and Michael) also still Uriel, Raphael, Sariel and Jerahmeel, which arise very late in the development of the Judentums.

In the Middle Ages Maimonides angel in a rationalistic conception of the world saw the God as a Biblical rewriting of the natural forces, begins, around itsTo convert sake in the world.

systematics and hierarchy of the angels after Dionysius Areopagita

in the Dionysius Areopagita (also pseudo Dionysios), a collection of books unclear author shank, which developed for instance between 500 and 532, become angels in several placesmentioned:

1. Triad:

  • Seraphim are four and/or. six-flight-lies symbols of the light, to the glow of the göttlichen fire (Ez. 1.5 f; Jes 6.1 FF) and stand for God at the next one.
  • Cherubim are widen the realization, Ergiesser of the wisdom, Beschützer garden of the Edens (gene3,24), becomes with the building of the pin hut (ex 25.18 FF) as well as with the building of the temple Salomo (1Kön 6.23 FF) among other things mentioned.
  • Thronoi (Greek in approximately: “raised shapes”) are the lowest stage of the 1. And the raised designates triad. The Septuaginta usesspeaks the term also for the Seraphim, Paulus in the Kolosserbrief of thrones (Kol 1.16).

2. Triad: (Kol 1.16 as well as Eph 1.23)

  • rule (Dominationes) is the Beherr angel.
  • Powers (Virtutes) carry out imperturbably the will of God.
  • Gewalten (Potestates) embody the indestructible harmony.

3. Triad:

  • Principalities of (Principates) embody the himmlischen guidance character.
  • Ore gel (göttliche Kohorte) function particularly as Verkünder of göttlicher revealing. Beside Gabriel, Michael and Raphael Uriel emerges only in the Mosesapokalypse. Jakob fights with Penuël (God face) in gene 32,31.
The Talmudstill Samael, Sedekiel (sacrificing prevents Isaaks), Anael (Barakiel) and Sabbataios (Schepteel) knows. Thus a filter purity results as in the case of Zarathustra with Gabriel, Michael and Raphael, which can be identified easily with the Gestirnen.
  • Angels (protection gel) stand on the lowestCategory and stand for humans at the next one. They have different designations such as crowds (Ijob 19.12 and HP of 103.21), feature (Dan 10.7) or spirit (Offb 1.4).

In the course of the time individual elements were added to this form of the hierarchy teachings again and again. Controlledif the hierarchies in the different religions of the respective creator God become, so in the Islam of Allah and in the Christianity of the tri rivet RK (Dreifaltigkeit).

A deep-seizing change experienced the hierarchy teachings by the Theosophie, those the Jewish creator God JHWH into those2. Triad placed and as so-called 4. Triad the sequence humans, animal, plant, stone indicated.

the angel teachings in the Anthroposophie

as per. the medieval teachings to which the Anthroposophie, gives it ties nine hierarchies. ThatHumans are once to 10. Hierarchy so anyhow, Rudolf Steiner become.

The following pattern results:

DreifaltigkeitGod father, son and holy spirit

1. the father assigned:

1.1. Seraphim
1.2. Cherubim
1.3. Thrones

2. the son assigned:

2.1. Kyriotetes (world leader)
2.2. Dynameis (world forces)
2.3. Exusiai (obvious one) = Hebrew ELOHIM

3. the holy spirit assigned:

3.1. Archai (spirits of the time)
3.2. Archangeloi (ore gel)
3.3. Angeloi (angel, also protection gel)

so anyhow places it to Hans Werner Schroeder in his work humans and angel on S. 151(Expenditure for Fischer paperback).

allocation of the angel hierarchies in the Lebensbaum of the Kabbala

I - Kether - crown = Seraphim

II - Chokmah - wisdom = Cherubim

III - Binah - intelligence = Thrones

IV - Chesed - love = Kyriotetes

V - Geburah - severity = Dynameis

VI - Tiphereth - beauty = Exusiai

VII - Nezach - victory = Archai

VIII - Hod - gloss = ore gel

IX - Jesod - foundation = angel

X - Malkuth - kingdom= humans

angel admiration in the Christianity yesterday and today

at all times of the Christianity had the angel faith a central meaning. However here like so often also konfessionelle differences play a role. While the admiration of angels in the catholicismand the Christian Orthodoxie was judged always positively, faced the reformed churches of this form of the Religiosität rather sceptically to rejecting. Differently the lutherischen churches. The anniversary of the ore GLS Michael and all angel, celebrated to 29. September, plays at least inthe independent Evangelical-Lutheran church (SELK) a large role. Thus numerous angel songs, like Mr., are God, you praise all

  • we in its Evangelical-Lutheran church singing book (ELKG) (lat. Dicimus of burr tibi the lutherischen theologian Philipp Melanchthon (1539) German of PaulEber 1561) (ELKG 115)
  • Heut sings the dear Christianity (Nikolaus Hermann 1560) (ELKG 116)
  • God, all creation heilger Mr. (Ernst Hofmann 1971) (ELKG 447=

angel from the view of mormonischer churches

angels in the Islam

the angels, Arab aluminium-Mala'ika الملائكة (including that ore gel) are no verniedlichten after Islamic teachingsNature, how one knows it from European representations, but - similarly the Biblical representation - enormous and powerful invisible light shapes of partly gigantic extents, which have their respective tasks.

The angels are in the Islam the messengers, those the prophet those Revealing Allahs convey. Thus for example Muhammad the ore gel appeared to the prophet Gabriel and to it the Koran conveyed.

The Koran mentions four ore gel in special form: Michael (Mikail), the angel of the justice; Gabriel (Gibril), that as over intermediaries of the göttlichenWisdom is admired; Azzazil, which is the death angel; and Israfil, which is the angel of the recent court.

In the history of the prophet Mohammeds angels play a large role. Thus the Mohammed bio count Ibn Ishaq reports that in the childhood of the prophettwo angels appeared, who opened the chest of the young prophet, in order to remove from it a dark mark. Thus after all bad is to have been removed for the excessive quantity from Mohammeds soul. The Islam teaches therefore that Mohammed after Adam and Jesusthird perfect humans without sins were complete.

To the personal companion of the prophet Mohammed belongs the ore gels Gabriel, which appeared to the prophet in the course of its life again and again. Thus during the sky travel of the prophet Mohammeds is reported that inthis special night the ore gels Gabriel, woke the prophet Mohammed and it a special horse, which Buraq presented. This horse is to have had the excessive quantity after wing and the face of a beautiful woman. On this horse the prophet Mohammed flewin company ore gel of the Gabriel to the temple mountain after Jerusalem. There Mohammed performed the Islamic Rizualgebet. Subsequently, the ore gels Gabriel led the prophet Mohammed by the seven Paradiese up to Allahs of direct present.

Also during the transmission of the Suren of theKoran appeared to the prophet regularly an angel, usually again the ore gels Gabriel. Witnesses reported that parallel to the transmission of the Suren the earth trembled, which horses itself sträubten and all humans were seized by a direct luck feeling. Totime at that time came even specially humans traveled, in order to participate on these miracles, if again a Sure were conveyed to the prophet.

Also martially the Islamic excessive quantity the angels intervene in favor of humans. In the year 624 it came to forthe history Islam crucial battle of Badr. In this battle a well equipped and mekkanisches expedition army often superior of the crew strength disengaged, in order to destroy before Medina the Muslims under the guidance of the prophet Mohammed. In this battleare the Islamic excessive quantity after under the guidance ore gel of the Gabriels angels martially in the fight in favor of the Muslims to have likewise intervened, why the mekkanische army was completely reamed.

In later years the prophet Mohammed reported that it each yearthe ore gels Gabriel once in special form appeared, in order to quote together with it the Koran revealed up to then. Auch Mohammeds Begleiter sollen den Erzengel Gabriel gesehen haben. Thus the Mohammed bio count Ibn Ishaq reports that at the end of the life of theProphet Mohammed of these with his companions in the circle sat, when a beautiful man entered the round. Although this man did not carry the clothes of a traveler, nevertheless none of the present Muslims could do this stranger, that as with radiating a white garband radiating black hair one described. This man set himself before present witnesses Mohammed for the prophet opposite, in order to place to it questions over the Islam. Later Mohammed reported that this man the ore gel was Gabriel.

The Hadith says that Godin each case to 120. Days after the generation an angel sends, who einhaucht unborn humans the edema of God.

A central element of the Islamic faith is that each humans behind itself with the left and the right shoulder a special writer angelhas, the all good, and/or bad acts humans notes. While the angel notes each good act immediately to the right, the angel waits certain time to the left still another, in order to note a bad act. The Islam teaches, if humansthe act before God repents and for the reconciliation of something property does, as apologize, a money donates, prays or the Koran reads, then the bad act is not noted.

At the end of the life appear then the two angels and presentthen all good, and/or bad acts of each humans. The Islam teaches: if the bad acts of humans outweigh, then humans come into hell. However if the good acts outweigh, then the Gläubigen occurs the Paradies.

The IslamicRitual prayer that practicing Muslims carry out at least five times daily, ends therefore also always in kneel-ends position with a head movement to the right and to the left shoulder. The Gläubigen greets the two writer angels.

The Sufis, which teach Islamic Mystiker that thoseAngels in continuous God memories with its creator Allah are connected. By special singing (Dhikr) and dances so the Sufis changes into a angelful condition, in order to be closer like that Allah, in addition, in order to work heilerisch.

New Age and angel

some modern mirror-image-ritual movements call arising natures in its faith systems often also angels, develop however a concept deviating of the traditional importance. Thus by Esoterikern (and to also unite novelists) one indicates: Angels are organisms,in principle of humans different are, since they are out created from another part of God. Thus it in a the position, so far from the love of God departed and also not be stood therefore God is not to be liedmore near than most humans. In humility and joy they carry out its will, can however by prayers or thoughts for assistance be asked.

angel as Entwicklungsstufe of the soul

in the Mystik gives it the conception that itselfa soul over different stages of stones, plants and animals to humans develops. After the death of the human body a soul can reach the stage of the angel. The sufische Mystiker Dschalal ad-DIN Rumi describes this in its poem Mathnawi:

I died as stone and sprouted' as plant on
I died as plant and ward animal on it
I died as an animal and am humans become
which have a horror me, have' by death I ever lost?
As humans rafftit me of this earth
that I the angel wing will not carry
as an angel still is my remaining
remains eternal only God face
carries there my flight me still far over angel stronghold
to immeasurably high place
then for call'to nothing me, because in me' s sounds such as harp songs
that to it we turns again

in the Christian Mystik will this conception of Emanuel Swedenborg represented. In its late work it describes the conjugal love that from the soul oneMan and the soul of a woman by the marriage in the sky a sexless angel develops.

to contact to angels

also in the present report humans of angel meetings. Some tell even from continuous contacts to certain “spirit natures”, they inall situations in life protect, accompany and advise. Such reports are regarded from Protestant side rather critically - in particular if in such empiric reports angels take the function, which comes to God after the Bible alone. Other church statements - above all suchfrom the evangelikalen camp it points thereupon that also dämonische powers appear occasionally as angel natures. In contrast to this generally Roman-catholic Christians face and still more strongly the orthodox Christians such reports rather positively. Thus e.g. becomes. the homepage Vatikan of“Gabriel” mentioned, like that ore gel of the Verkündigung. The Firewall to the protection from computer viruses is called “Michael”, like the guard angel. And the Intranet, which is accessible for the employees only, carries the name “Raphael”, which always works in the secret one. “We need thatExtra protection that ore gel simply ", so sister Judith Zoebelein, chief of the Vatikan homepage.< ref> Vatikan in the Web: Ore gel, enamel and a nun as PC-Expertin </ref>


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