Engelbert Humperdinck

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Engelbert Humperdinck

Engelbert Humperdinck (* 1. September 1854 in victory castle; † 27. September 1921 in Neustrelitz) was a German composer of the late romance.

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Humperdinck became as a son of a Gymnasiallehrers and a Kantorentochterin victory castle born. After its Abitur at the Paderborner it studied High School Theodorianum starting from 1872 music to Cologne conservatoires. For short time he worked as a Kapellmeister to Cologne city theatres. It over-threw itself however with the line of the theatre and went to Munich, whereit starting from 1876 of far music studied. Humperdinck was very successful as a student. 1876 it won the Mozart price of the city Frankfurt/Main, 1879 it as the first the Mendelssohnpreis of the Felix Mendelssohn donation in Berlin was lent and 1881 there also the Meyerbeerpreis. From 1880 to 1882he was coworker of smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Wagner in Bayreuth, where it became as successors of Heinrich God-dear Follen composition teacher of its son Siegfried Wagner. 1884 again offered Franz Wüllner to it a position for teachers in Cologne conservatoires. Humperdinck accepted and led on it in the festival room Gürzenichits choir work of the Heine - Ballade the Wallfahrt after Kevelaer up. Starting from at the end of of 1885 he was a composition teacher of the conservatoire in Barcelona and starting from 1888 worked he as a lector in the music publishing house B. Schott's of sons in Mainz. it went to 1890 as a teacher to the Hoch' conservatoire intoFrankfurt/Main (until 1897) and was an opera adviser of the Frankfurt newspaper. 1900 to 1920 it led the master class for composition at the academy of the arts in Berlin and professor citizen of Berlin of the Stern conservatoire was.

Its to 23. December 1893 for the first time in Weimar specified opera Hänsel and Gretel became world success and brought it fame and financial independence. The premiere took place under the direction of smelling pool of broadcasting corporations bunch . Many of the melodies contained in it (Brüderchen, come dance with me or a Männlein is located in the forest) became tooprotect Volksliedern. As also its remaining work is characterised by one of the Volkslied inspired melody. Humperdinck created six operas, its complete work covers 170 compositions, those in the Engelbert Humperdinck list of works (EHWV) Hg. of his granddaughter Dr. EH Humperdinck documented.

To 9. September 2004 honoured it those German post office on the occasion of its 150. Birthday with an own stamp.



  • Harzipere, music drama (1868), EHWV 3
  • Perla, Singspiel (1868), EHWV 4
  • Claudine of mansion Bella (Joh. W. by Goethe), opera (1868-1872), EHWV 5
  • Fedelma (Ernstof Wolzogen), opera fragment (1883), EHWV 80
  • Schneewittchen (Adelheid bet), song play (1888), EHWV 9
  • Hänsel and Gretel (Adelheid and Hermann bet), fairy tale opera of 3 pictures (1893), EHWV 93
  • the seven Geislein (Adelheid bet), Singspiel 1 act (1895), EHWV of 100
  • king children (Ernst Rosmer), Melodram 3 document (1895-1897), EHWV106
  • Dornrö (Elizabeth B. Ebeling Filhés), fairy tale opera 3 document (1902), EHWV 121
  • the marriage against will (Hedwig Humperdinck after Alexandre Dumas), kom. Opera 3 document (1902-1905), EHWV 130
  • Bübchens Weihnachtstraum (Gustav falcon), melodramatisches crib play (1906), EHWV 136
  • the Mirakel (Karl Vollmoeller and max of Reinhardt after Caesariusof Heisterbach and Maurice Maeterlinck), Mysterienpantomime 2 document (1911), EHWV 151
  • the Marketenderin (Robert mix), Singspiel of 2 elevators (1913), EHWV 155
  • Christian night 1914, late Christmas in the contactor ditch (Ludwig Thoma), one-act play, EHWV 157
  • Gaudeamus (Robert mix), play opera (1915-1919), EHWV 162

play music

  • The frogs (Aristophanes) (1879-1881), unfinished EHWV 61
  • the judge of Zalamea (Calderon) (1883), EHWV 82
  • the buyer of Venice (William Shakespeare) (1905), EHWV 133
  • the winter fairy tale (William Shakespeare) (1906), EHWV 135
  • the storm (William Shakespeare) (1906), EHWV 138
  • which you want (William Shakespeare) (1907), EHWV140
  • Lysistrata (Aristophanes) (1908), EHWV 141
  • the blue one bird (Maurice Maeterlinck) (1910), EHWV 150

orchestra music

  • the Mauri rhapsody
  • Humoresque for orchestras in E major
  • Shakespeare Suite for orchestra No. 1 and No. 2

chamber music

  • caper quartet NO 3 in C major


  • the Wallfahrt after Kevelaer (Chorballade 1878-1887)
  • the luck of Edenhall (Chorballade 1879-1883)
  • numerous songs with piano company

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