Engelbert Wittich

Engelbert Wittich (* 18. April 1878 in Lützenhardt; † 4. March 1937 in Stuttgart bath CAN place) was a jenischer writer in Germany.

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short personal record

Engelbert Wittich is in the jenischen village Lützenhardt to 18. April 1878 as a sixth child of Karl Wittich and Katharina Wittich geb. Pfaus born. Wittichs earned themselves their living costs by the production of brushes and basket goods, which were set off in the summer months by Hausierhandel. Engelbert Wittich visited only some few years the elementary school. Otherwise it was with the older dealers on the way on “Wägelesfahrt”, in order to sell brush goods. On one of these journeys he became acquainted with the painter Paul Kämmerer , who was strongly impressed by Wittichs graphic abilities. Thus Karl Wittich gave his son for some to time for the training of his talent into the Obhut of the painter. After it as draughtsmen, particularly the animal life, unite (ungedruckten) success had, it began with written descriptions of the animal life. Even Karl May is to have become attentive on him and come him to turn to more the literary occupation. With 24 years he married the 17 years older widow Friederike Denner, geb. Forge in Strasbourg. This brought 5 children from the first marriage also into the family. The two denied living costs by a looking business with smaller performances and doll plays. Documentary held are stays respectable. Domiciles in Pforzheim, Dörreswang Mühlacker and Stuttgart Gablenberg. Wittich maintained friendships with the writer Heinrich creates (d.i. Hermann Zerweck), Gregor Gog, Jo Mihaly among other things and corresponded also with Clara Zetkin. Engelbert Wittich died to 4. March 1937 in Stuttgart bath CAN place.


Engelbert Wittich, 1927
  • views into the life of the gypsies, Huss publishing house, stringer gau 1911
  • Paramisa - Amare Raieskr Jezu Christi duk width unit meripen, stringer gau 1911
  • the jenische language, bird publishing house, Leipzig 1915
  • genuine gypsies the dream book, uranium US publishing house, bath old RST of 1926
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  • Kasper as a servant, SJW - booklet No. 12, Zurich 1932

the bibliography in the book “brawo sinto!” (Joachim S. High man, Fischer publishing house, Frankfurt 1984) proves 64 work Wittichs, among other things for that Swiss archives for Volkskunde, journal OF the Gypsy truck Society, cosmos.

secondary literature

  • high man, Joachim S.: brawo sinto! Life traces of German gypsies. Frankfurt, 1984
  • high man, Joachim S. (Hg.): Engelbert Wittich - contributions to gypsy customer. Frankfurt, 1990

literature archives

Wittichs deduction in German literature archives Marbach covers

  • dramatic: Kasperlstücke.
  • Prosa: Essays and lectures on language and dialect of the gypsies, on its customs and laws, art and trades, its seal, legends, Orakel and fortune-telling.
  • Letters on: Friederike Wittich and other family members, Clara Zetkin among other things; South German broadcast.
  • Letters of: Karl May, A. R. Meyer, OSCAR C. Pfaus, Heinrich create Zerweck, Grete of Urbanitzky among other things; The Gypsy truck Society, South German broadcast.
  • Associated materials: Certifications, certificates among other things; Newspaper cuttings; small collection of art-commercial work of gypsies.


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