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Flagge von England Wappen von England
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languages English
capital London
queen Elizabeth II.
Prime minister Tony Blair
surface 130,395 km ²
population approx. 50,1 million (2004)
population density 377 Einwohner/km ²
currency Pound of Sterling
time belt UTC, summer time: +1 UTC
national anthem God save the Queen
internet TLD uk
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England is the largest and most closely settled region of the united Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

FalselyEngland is often used as synonym for the state of the united kingdom or the island Great Britain. The name England comes from the westGermanic people of the fishing rods (altengl. Close-read) off.

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England covers the southernmost half of the island Great Britain, borders in the north on Scotland and in the west on Wales and the Irish sea. In the east England borders on the North Sea, in the south is appropriate for England at the English Channel.


the government of the kingdom have, likewise the royal family, their seat in the English capital London. England has - contrary to Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland - neither a state parliament still another federal state government. Their tasks are noticed of the kingdom united by the parliament and the government. It is today usual that itself with tuningsin the parliament, which concern only England, which contain delegates of the other regions of their voice. However is in planning, England into different administrative regions with own administration to divide (Devolution). See also: List of the British prime ministers. England is thatonly country in Europe without written down condition - therefore one can answer the question, whether England is “Land of the Federal Republic” or its own state, not clearly.


Englisches Wappen ca. 1600 (Siebmacher 1605)
English coat of arms approx. 1600 (Siebmacher 1605)

the English flag, admitas pc. George cross, is a red cross on a white background.

Further heraldische symbols are the Tudor rose and the three lions.


major item: History of England


see: Football in England, Rugby, Cricket, Snooker, remote moving ways (united kingdom), gulf, very popular becomes lately also Dart

administrative arrangement

the 39 historical counties (English. Counties)

these 39 historical counties exist since thatthe high Middle Ages. In their function as administrative districts they are since center 20. Century several times again arranged, however the historical counties exist in the consciousness of the population far away away. Larger cities were considered as part of the counties, became however than Boroughs independently administers.

the present administrative arrangement

the 39 traditional counties
the administrative counties

in the course 20. Century the administrative arrangement was partly adapted to the densely populated areas developed again. Thus also the borders changedthe 39 (historical) counties (Counties), specified above. Thus e.g. became. 1965 the administrative unit Greater London furnished. 1974 originated in to 6 metropolitan Counties and the Non Metropolitain in such a way specified Counties, under it also some smaller new counties such as Avon, Humberside and Cleveland,however into the 1990er years were partially again dissolved (so also Rutland or Westmorland). The Counties subdivides itself into districts (Metropolitain Districts and/or. Districts), which correspond to the city administrations of Germany due to their setting of tasks for instance. These districts existusually from a multiplicity of cities and smaller settlements, which have however no own administration. One speaks of a “two-stage administration” (1. Gradates counties; 2. Districs gradates) 1986 became the county advice and/or. - administrations of the Metropolitain Counties dissolved. Their tasks becameto the subdivided Metropolitain Districts delegates, so that these all tasks of the counties and the Districs settle (“single-step administration”). In its function the Metropolitain Districts can be called since that time “Unitary Authorities “. The designations of the 6 became neverthelessSince that time Metropolitain Counties maintained and is however only for the description of the geographical situation and/or. for statistic purposes of importance. Numerous Non Metropoltain of district was separated in the middle of the 1990er years as Unitary Authorities from the counties. Since that time they settle thoseAdministrative units of the counties along and are thus comparable to the Metropolitain Districts.

The counties and Unitary Authorities of England are today calm to 9 regions together. For the subdivision of the regions and counties see administrative arrangement of England and administrative counties of England.

Large cities

English of cities

in the English language one makes a difference between the terms town center and Town, which translates, into German, meant both for “city “.

The right “town center” to be called seals a royal certificate of appointment, thoseRoyal so mentioned charter. Usually one oriented oneself thereby to whether the concerned Settlement a cathedral possesses. While for example the small Hereford with 60,000 inhabitants does not even represent a “town center”, stick haven with its 285,000 inhabitants is “Town”.

The followingList of the “large cities” of England contains also the metropolitan in such a way specified Boroughs. Some of these individual administrative districts consist of mehren cities (“Town” or “town center”). Thus the metropolitan Borough Salford consists of the town center OF Salford and other cities, which one as“Town” designates, while the metropolitan Borough Manchester consists only of the town center OF Manchester. This metropolitan Boroughs are single-step administrative units, which one can compare with our circle-free cities.

One combines metropolitan Boroughs in England into metropolitan Counties, thosehowever as regional administrative bodies play no more role. (More to it see: Administrative arrangement of England).

See also: Greater London, Unitary Authority

the largest urban administrative districts in England with more than 200 of,000 inhabitants (in accordance with the UK Census 2001 in thousands) are:

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