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as entry draft (on German about new generation recruiting) in the North American professional haven leagues such as NHL (ice hockey), NBA (basketball) become, NFL (football), CFL (football) and MLB (baseball) practiced procedures designates, with those the clubs among themselves on the rights at the most promising new generation players to agree.

First all candidates in a list are seized, from which the clubs select their new generation players (tons draft, draw in) may. Because there are no off and Aufsteiger in these leagues, the principle is used that the teams can from the end of the table the first access to the candidates have and thus the best new generation receive.

In order to prevent that weak crews played toward end of the season in view to a better recruiting position intentionally badly it was introduced, in addition, coincidence elements. The final sequence is drawn lots in the so-called Draft Lottery (Rekrutierungslotterie). Often this Draft Picks ( recruiting positions) becomes first, already e.g. in the course from player transfers, surrendered to other teams.

An association, which has a player gedrafted (recruited), possesses all rights at this. It is not possible for the player, without playing agreement of its association for another team in the league. The association however is not obligated to also actually use the respective player in the league. Often the recent talents play for the time being in farm team, where the young players can develop their abilities further.

The philosophy of the Draft had the later NFL president Bert Bell in the year 1934. One year later decided the NFL to take up the system and to implement from now on each year in spring.

Critics of the Draft maintain that the procedure limits the right to free job choice, however confront the leagues to this argument that without the Draft probably hardly a balance is possible in the leagues, which do not know ascending and descending.

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