film data
of German titles: Eraserhead
original title: Eraserhead
production country: The USA
feature year: 1977
length (PAL - DVD): 85 minutes
of source language: English
age release: FSK 18
direction: David lynch
film script: David lynch
production: David lynch
music: David lynch
camera: Harsh ore Cardwell
Frederick Elmes
cut: David lynch
  • Jack Nance: Henry
  • Charlotte Stewart: Mary X
  • all Joseph: Mr X (Marys father)
  • Jeanne Bates: Mrs X (Marys nut/mother)
  • Laurel Near: Woman in the heating element
  • Judy Anna Robert: Neighbour

Eraserhead is that feature - debut of the US-American director David lynch from the year 1977.

contents of

an action can be described hardly. In the center of the film is located Henry, which is invited by parents of its (ex) friend Mary to the meal and experiences there that Mary brought a baby to the world. But, as Mary says: „We are not safe whether it is really a baby. “

In beside „actions “decay, the scenery regarding man lever serves, watches Henry of a distorted Blondine in its heating element the dance, and its head is converted to eraser heads ( English Eraserhead) for pencils.


Eraserhead was David Lynchs first feature of normal length. The budget of the film amounted to only 20,000 dollar, production took five years, from 1971 to 1976. Production of the American film of institutes was promoted, where lynch at the beginning of the turning work still studied; Lynch had nevertheless money from friends and family to borrow. From originally 108 minutes it cut lynches after sample demonstrations the film down on 89 minutes why some in do not remove characters specified in the finished work to be seen are.

The film, which was turned completely in black-and-white, resembles a long Albtraum with surrealen and horror-like elements. Interpretations reach male childbed from a horror scenario after a nuclear disaster over a psychose, an abortion and an argument with the industrialized world up to religious connections of generation and death. Lynch wanted explicitly different interpretations to permit.

As center of the film many critics rate monströs distorted baby. Lynch refuses until today explaining the function mode of the nature and prevented some time that photographies of it emerged. Often it is pointed out that it resembles a Kalbsfötus.

Some film magazines and critic warned seriously of mental damage by reputation of the film. Large originality was awarded to it nevertheless. Lynchs film is not only a filmed film script - the film script was only 20 sides long - but uses all cinematic possibilities of the camera guidance over the lighting, equipment and in particular also clay/tone and sound TRACK .

Eraserhead is considered as typical cult film. Mel Brooks transferred lynches after this film the direction of the elephant human being, with which its career began as an exception director. Fan of David lynch in it many motives will recognize, that draws to Highway and Mulholland drive later in Blue Velvet, twin peak, again to arise.

Some critics compare Eraserhead with the surrealistischen masterpiece an Andalusian dog. It is also often reported that it was one of the favourite films Stanley Kubricks.

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