Pitying lot

film data
of German titles: Pitying lot
original title: Unforgiven
production country: The USA
feature year: 1992
length (PAL - DVD): 125 minutes
of source language: English
age release: FSK 16
direction: Clint Eastwood
film script: David Webb Peoples
production: Clint Eastwood
music: Lennie Niehaus, Clint Eastwood
camera: Jack N. Green
cut: Joel Cox

pitying lot is the title of an US-American late Westerns, with which Clint Eastwood direction led and which main role took over. In further roles genes Hackman and Morgan Freeman are to be seen.


after in the overslept town „bend whisky “a prostitute by her suitor, a cowboy, brutally one together-struck and one disfigured, suspend its colleagues a head money on the author and its buddy. Into the using hunt for the two cattle drivers also the aging gun hero Bill Munny is pulled. Together with its former partner Ned Logan and a young, short-sighted liking gladly gun hero, which call themselves „Schofield Kid “, it goes on the search for the two cattle drivers.

Hardly in bend whisky arrived, in the meantime with fever gotten sick the Munny of Sheriff „to Little Bill “Daggett, which wants to prevent the revenge murders, one flogs and from the city one hunts. After he recovered, Munny seek out and its both companions the looked for cowboys. Munny shoots one of them from the ambush and ensures shortly thereafter for the fact that Kid gets also second. Logan recognizes with the fact that the life of a gun hero for him leaves actual past he the group and rides heimwärts. On its way it is snatched however by Sheriff Daggetts people and at bends whisky brought, where the Sheriff tortures it, in order to find out, who and where its partners are. Logan succumbs to its injuries; its corpse placed on open road as deterring example to look.

When Munny of log to death experiences, he rides into the city, in order to take revenge for the death of its friend. In the Saloon it meets assistants the Sheriff and its. It comes to the Showdown. Munny kills Daggett and leaves the city.


the film one distinguished with the Oscars for the best Nebenrolle (for Hackman), the best direction, the best film and the best cut. It was nominated in addition in the categories best main role, best camera, best equipment, best original film script and for the best clay/tone.

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