the German vomit knows two kinds of the succession: The legal succession and the gewillkürte succession.

legal succession

after the legal succession , if no gewillkürte succession is present, inheriting total legal successor ( succession in law) of the inheritance becomes. Inherit are according to the regulationsthe hereditary right in the civil law book the spouse (§ 1931 BGB) or life partner (§ 10 LPartG) of the testator, its descendants (inherit first order), its parents and their descendants (inherit second order) etc.

Are not well-known legal inheriting of a testator, soan inheriting determination is accomplished.

Gewillkürte succession

is appropriate against it an effective will (§ 1937 BGB), an effective common will (§ 2265 BGB), an effective hereditary contract (§ 1941 BGB) (all orders of death because of) forwards, then becomes from a gewillkürten successionspoken. By the order of death because of if only one part of the fortune is distributed under inheriting, then the legal succession is to be used for remaining part.

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