the Erektion (lat: = putting up) a natural procedure is during sexual excitation with animal and humans, which by of the Klitoris, the Penis or also for example the nipples is characterized with both sexes. Happenswith humans and unite other mammals by damming up the blood in the pertinent swelling bodies of these organs (this however not in case of the nipples). Beside the increased supply of blood into the organ concerned it at the same time also comes with the Erektiona throttling of the blood current reversal. The swelling bodies become larger and harder thereby. Most mammals against it possess a Penisknochen and a Erektion with them by putting the bone forward are reached.

Representation of a erigierten Penis (right) compared with one noterigierten (left)

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the Erektion normally becomeduring sexual excitation by the Erektionszentrum in lower back Marks released. The actual Erektionszentrum is on the one hand influenceable from the brain by erotisierende sinnliche perceptions (sexual perception attractions) or conceptions (erotische thoughts). On the other hand a Erektion can also directly reflektorisch by mechanical provoking releasedit becomes independent of the fact, whether it concerns thereby strange Liebkosung or own manipulations (Masturbation). The Erektion of the Penis can come even without any (expresses) sexual excitation, as for example with the Morgenerektion, popularly also “morning slat “called, or also by thermal effect, to close clothing and other causes.

The male Erektionsfähigkeit of the general man strength or power very often becomes - i.e. the reproduction ability - on an equal footing and these then again with youth and Vitalität compared. But to Erektionenit can come also with the smallest baby and the oldest Greis.


with the man it comes with the Erektion by a blood filling of the three and/or four swelling bodies in the Penis (two corpora cavernosa penis, “Penisschwellkörper”, a corpusspongiosum penis, “urethra swelling bodies”, and as extension urethra swelling body a corpus spongiosum glandis, “acorn swelling bodies”) to a Verdickung of acorn and Penis and a Penisaufrichtung in an individually different angle. A erigierter Penis can itself individually in relation to the state of restincrease up to quadruple.

Comparably to the Erektion with the man it comes with the woman in the so-called excitation phase to swelling the large Schamlippen and an opening of the sheath opening. Further swell also the small Schamlippen clearly on and stretchitself outward. The Klitoris at the same time increases its extent and its size around the two to three-way ones, in which the female swelling bodies (corpus cavernosum clitoridis and/or corpus clitoris) fill with blood.

functional meaning

thoseErektion of the man is one of the conditions for the sexual intercourse, so far one under it - strictly speaking - the introduction of the male Phallus to the female sheath understands (penetration or Koitus). The female Erektion is clearless remarkably, for the fulfilled dear act however not less importantly. Regarding the reproduction by it also the penetration of the erigierten Penis of the man into the sheath is facilitated.

However an active dear life is conceivable and possible quite also without Erektion.The expanded tender play before the actual Sex serves therefore substantially the mutual desire increase of the dear partners.

after a Orgasmus

after the sexual high point, the Orgasmus whether with or without Ejakulation (Samenerguss), it decreases/goes back the Erektion,the blood flows off from the swelling bodies again and the cycle normalizes itself. With the woman happens this usually clearly more slowly than with the man. In addition, without actual Orgasmus the Erektion takes with both sexes after a certainTime without further Stimulation more or less fast off, until it disappears completely then.

further occurrence

Erektionen arise with healthy humans in almost any age regularly during the Schlafes within the so-called rem phases .

Also Orgasmen duringthe Schlafes, which were called with male young people and adult men so far Pollutionen, are always connected with Erektionen.

Since it comes in puberty and in the recent adult age to an increased payment of the sex hormones, it can thereby also in very muchdifferent and always purely sexually sounded situations to inadvertent Erektionen do not come. Frequently the male persons concerned for their Erektionen clearly visible contrary to those with women or girls are ashamed, there them itself uncertainly concerning the reactionstheir fellow men are. For example this can be the case, if a young person gets at common showering at school or in Sportverein an obvious Erektion.

Further it was proven that Erektionen themselves during a sexual abuse at the male victim (usuallywith children) to develop can.

myths and fears

by the male and increasingly also the female Erektion some myths and value conceptions circle there, line up around them also according to numerous fears and desires, prejudices and secrets. The Pharmaindustriereacted to it with always new therapy promises, research and medicines.

Since the Erektion is not willentlich influenceable as reflex, men in most cultures cover their Penis, in order to avoid misunderstandings and rivalries.

checking methods

around Peniserektionenalso in the sleep to prove, there is meanwhile a relatively unknown research method in the medicine - the Phallografie, with which a small band with integrated strain gauges is put around the Penis and attached to a recording device. If the swelling bodies fill, sowill recognized, noted that and can by the physician be evaluated later.


Erektionsstörungen with the man are called erektile Dysfunktion (see also Impotenz). Erektionsstörungen concern a certain percentage of men at advanced age. Also young mencan be however concerned. They affect themselves in many cases negatively on the mental well-being in a partnership, like also female Frigidität or missing Orgasmusfähigkeit with the woman. There patients with erektiler Dysfunktion from shame also nowadays still oftenwithout a medical treatment do, gives it a high dark number. Different health campaigns want to clear up in the public and meet so the problem.

A painful Dauererektion of the Penis, which persists longer than two hours, is called Priapismus and requires an immediateTreatment. It concerns thereby an emergency which damages the Penis and in particular the swelling bodies without immediate urologische treatment durably. If no treatment takes place, the Erektionsfähigkeit of the Penis can be lost.

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