Ein Erfinder ist eine Person, die einmal oder ständig etwas Neues oder eine wesentliche Verbesserung im Bereich der Technik schafft, das als eine Erfindung bezeichnet werden kann.

The three konstitutiven characteristics of an inventor are:

  1. the fact that it recognizes a problem
  2. which has will, this problemin a new creative technical way to solve, and
  3. already at least once in his life thereby was successful.

The “problem” is the most important condition of an inventor, those recognizes becomes particularly clear on the numerous inventor fairs, on those for the visitor partly muchskurrile inventions to be presented, with which the actual inventive achievement that recognize so far a not solved problem is.

The three konstitutiven characteristics mentioned of an inventor are considered also with the patent. With the patent it is enough, if the inventor describes the problem which can be solved and a solutionto present can. As return for a patent right the invention must be openly put. That means it must be described by the inventor so exactly that a specialist of the respective direction should be able to reconstruct the invention. This disclosure was the true reason for thoseEstablishment of the patent offices end 19. Century. It made possible inventors on the published inventions of other inventors to construct and led the new patent offices to a technology thrust in all countries based.

Also the “problem recognize” the konstitutiven definition of an inventor in the patenting one considers: The Erfindungshöhecan be achieved in the patenting also in finding from so far not well-known problems (to which then the technical solution to be more obvious can).

Acquaintance successful “continuous inventors” as for instance Thomas Alva Edison and Artur Fischer are as a rule good craftsmen, technicians or engineers.

To defineis the inventor of the developer. Most successful inventors are also good developers, because they could not convert otherwise their own invention to prototypes or into a product (production).

Around the achievements of the inventors for the society worthy become in some countriesnational inventor days celebrated.

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