Erhard Riedlsperger

Erhard Riedlsperger (* 7. December 1960 into Hallein (Salzburg) is a Austrian film script author and director.

Riedlsperger studied direction at the university for music and representing art in Vienna (film academy). Since 1991 he was a university assistant in the medium laboratory of the University of Salzburg.



  • 1999 golden boost, category: Social Spot, for “donations of blood” also Roland Düringer
  • 1996 nominating for “the captain” at the German television price
  • of 1991 winners of the festival Orleans
  • 1990 Grand Prix de Auberville for “tunnel child”
  • 1990 Maria Schell Price of the Berlinale for “tunnel child” 1990
  • 1989 Niederösterreichi film script price for “tunnel child”
  • 1987 appreciation price of the Federal Ministry for science and research
  • 1987 AustrianPromotion price for film art
  • 1985 golden Bobby for the best student film

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