Eric Dolphy

Eric Dolphy (* 20. June 1928 in Los Angeles; † 29. June 1964 in Berlin) was an US-American jazz musician.

Dolphy was a multi-instrument valleyist and played clarinet, bass clarinet, old saxophone as well as transverse flute. It began at school with thatClarinet and played in the second half of the 1940er years in Roy Porters volume. Some years in the US army followed, before it played finally with numerous prominent musicians and as a member of the popular Chico Hamilton Quintetts experienced broad success. 1959 pulled it tight it New York, where it became member that volume of the bassists Charles Mingus. At this time it accompanied also different sizes such as John Coltrane or George Russell and tourte several times in the USA and Europe. Many albums in own name followed, under it thatClassical author „Out ton of Lunch! “on Blue note. Its largest achievement apart from its highly musical improvisations and compositions is the establishment of the bass clarinet as instrument in the jazz repertoire.

Due to the critical opinion in America he spent the majority of his time in that for the end of his lifethe avant-garde openly gesinnten Europe. Dolphy deceased during a route in Berlin due to diabetischer complications.

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