Eric franc Russell

Eric franc Russell (* 6. January 1905; † 28. February 1978) was a English-language Science Fiction - author, who wrote some most humorous stories of its time. It used also the aliases Duncan H. Munro, Maurice A. Hugi and Webster Craig for Kurzgeschichten.

Russell was a man, who abhorred the presumption and the exaggerated self-manifestation of the most diverse human organization forms. Its joke aimed particularly at most diverse kinds of national authority, constantly returning central points of its stories is military and bureaucracy. Its texts take these aspects of the society with fine mockery and irony under the magnifying glass and show positive and negative human motives without the reader to instruct.

It was born in Sandhurst (Surrey , UK) into a military family and served during the Second World War with the Royal air Force. After a short activity as an engineer he dedicated completely to the letter and became an active advocate of the postwar future novels and member of the “Fortean society”. 1955 it won a Hugo Award for its Kurzgeschichte “Allamagoosa”, 1985 a Prometheus resounds to OF Fame Award for “The Great explosion” and 2000 it posthum into the Science Fiction and Fantasy resounds to OF Fame taken up.

Eric franc Russell is today guessed/advised to injustice in oblivion. Its books lost nothing from its fascination and topicality up to the today's day. It can be called, due to its British-black humor, without exaggeration “father ” Douglas of Adam and Terry Pratchetts.

Among connoisseurs of the Phantastik it has still the call of a “eternal Geheimtipps”. Its works are hardly still available in German. Humor and very ironically assessed ideas to the restaurant economics mark its work. In particular its novel “Then is they all were gone”, actually a novella to call translated “and then waren´se all futsch”. It publicises an exchange system, which works as anarchist student model still in of Cologne friendly practice.


“Sinister Barrier” 1943 (dt. The death barrier 1953)

“Dreadful Sanctuary” 1951 (dt. Planet of the banished ones 1971)

“… and then there were none " 1951 (dt. Planet of the disobedience )

“Sentinels from space” 1953 (dt. Agent of the Venus 1970)

“Men, Martians and Machines” 1955 (dt. Humans, Marsianer and machines 1968)

“Three ton of Conquer” 1956 (dt. So well dead 1957)

“Wasp” 1957 (dt. The pass of the wasp 1973)

“Six Worlds Yonder” 1958 (dt. Six worlds from here 1973)

“far star” 1961 (dt. Far one of stars 1964) Kurzgeschichten

“The Great explosion” 1962 (dt. The large explosion 1965)

“Somewhere A voice” 1965 (dt. Soul transfer 1979)

“The Best OF Eric franc Russell” 1978 (dt. The best Stories of Eric franc Russell 1980) Kurzgeschichten

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