Eric Lindros

Eric Lindros (* 28. February 1973, London, Ontario, Canada) is a Canadian ice hockey player. It plays as center.

It began its career with the Oshawa of general in the Ontario Hockey League, where it played from 1990 to 1992. Lindros, already at the junior age a star, obtained 97 gates and 119 Assists (216 Scorerpunkte) in 95 plays for general. At the same time it visited the college in Toronto together with its likewise ice hockey playing brother board Lindros.

In the Ontario Hockey League was it first from the Saute Ste. Marie Greyhounds gedraftet, it refused however already before the Draft playing for this club. The owner of the Greyhounds, the NHL - legend Phil Esposito, draftete him regardless of its, because he speculated to be able to sell the team thereby at a higher price. To Lindros' refusal it changed in the context of a bartering to the Oshawa of general. When both teams began against each other, some the Greyhounds players carried black armlets as indications of their protest against the Wechselposse around Lindros.

A comparable situation developed, when Lindros was pulled 1991 as number 1 of the NHL entry drafts of the Quebec Nordiques. Lindros refused strictly, to which Nordiques to change and played instead in the following season for the Oshawa of general and for the Canadian national team, at which he was an occasional captain. Finally it was transferred to the Philadelphia of Flyers, for which it played then from 1992 to 2000 - again usually as their captain -. In response changed Peter Forsberg, Ron Hextall, Chris Simon, Mike Ricci, Kerry Huffman and Steve Duchesne of Flyers to the Nordiques, which in addition drawing rights with the Draft and a cash payment received.

NB: the team of the Nordiques was sold to 1995 among other things after Colorado and was promoted under the name Colorado Avalanche to the point team, that so far twice won the Stanley Cup. The Lindros exchange is considered for this as a substantial cause.

Lindros' strengths are its Physis - it is 1.93 meters large and weighs far over 100 kg - and its aggressive play way, which it unites however with outstanding technology. However a decrease of its effectiveness was to be observed over the last years in the statistics, what mostly on Lindros' numerous injuries, among other things several brain vibrations, one leads back. NEXT One” as the next Canadian megastar, in allusion on “The Great One” (Wayne Gretzky) and “The Magnificent One” (Mario Lemieux), it could become anyhow not fair to the attribute “The.

In the NHL season 1994/95 shortened because of the Lockouts it won hard the Memorial Trophy as most valuable players (MVP). Disappointing however the Stanley Cup ran - final 1997, in which its Philadelphia of Flyers Detroit talk Wings smoothly with 0 to 4 plays were subject, and which although those of Flyers in the preceding series had convinced. Lindros obtained its only gate in the final series briefly before conclusion of the last play, when its team with 0 lay to 2 in the arrears.

In the season 1999/2000 since more jeher strained relationship with Bob Clarke, the general manager the Flyers escalated. During a play in April with the Nashville Predators suffered Lindros an injury, which was diagnosed of the medical department of the Flyers as rib injury. At the night following on it it Keith Jones, a player the Flyers found and to Lindros' room mate, bleaches and with high fever lying in the bath tub. In the hospital a lung collapse was determined. Lindros' parents, who had arisen already before often loudly for their son in the public - among other things if it concerned, Clarke should let whom play together with Eric Lindros - the team physicians called Pfuscher and subordinated them to want to kill their son.

Lindros turned in the last two plays of the Eastern Conference - Finals (semi-final around the Stanley Cup) into the team back, was however no more captain. In the second play it suffered a renewed brain vibration by one overcures checks of Scott of Stevens of that new jersey Devils; Flyers lost this play and thus the series. With end of the season also its contract ran out with Flyers and Lindros refused signing a new. It wanted instead to the Toronto Maple Leafs to be transferred, which however Flyers - which possessed the rights at it after the NHL Regularien also in the contractless condition still - rejected. As consequence Lindros did not play the entire season 2000/01 , until he was transferred finally 2001 of Flyers to the New York the Rangers. This missed in opinion of many observers not a certain irony, since the Rangers were, which ten years before (when Lindros did not want to play for the Quebec Nordiques, see above) together with Flyers had tried to take it under contract. At that time the Rangers had felt very in an unfair way treated, when Lindros changed to Philadelphia.

In the three next play times it accumulated for the Rangers. 2004 it suffered the respected brain vibration of its career. It could take up training again, however two physicians guessed/advised it to terminate its career. After end of the play time 2003/04 its contract ran out with the Rangers, the season following on it failed because of the Lockouts.

After end of the Lockouts Lindros signed then a comparatively small endowed in annual contract (1.55 million $) with its dream association, the Toronto Maple Leafs.

statistics (regular season/Playoffs)

season association league GP T A Pkt PIM GP T A Pkt PIM
1989/90 Oshawa of general OHL 25 17 19 36 61 17 18 18 36 76
1990/91 Oshawa of general OHL 57 71 78 149 ,189 16 18 20 38 93
1991/92 Oshawa of general OHL 13 9 22 31 54 xx xx xx xx xx
1991/92 team Canada Intl. 24 19 16 35 34 xx xx xx xx xx
NHL 1992/93 Philadelphia of Flyers NHL 61 41 34 75 147 xx xx xx xx xx
NHL 1993/94 Philadelphia of Flyers NHL 65 44 53 97 103 xx xx xx xx xx
NHL 1994/95 Philadelphia of Flyers NHL 46 29 41 70 60 12 4 11 15 18
NHL 1995/96 Philadelphia of Flyers NHL 73 47 68 115 ,163 12 6 6 12 43
NHL 1996/97 Philadelphia of Flyers NHL 52 32 47 79 136 19 12 14 26 40
NHL 1997/98 Philadelphia of Flyers NHL 63 30 41 71 134 5 1 2 3 17
NHL 1998/99 Philadelphia of Flyers NHL 71 40 53 93 120 xx xx xx xx xx
NHL 1999/2000 Philadelphia of Flyers NHL 55 27 32 59 83 2 1 0 1 0
NHL 2001/02 New York Ranger NHL 72 37 36 73 138 xx xx xx xx xx
NHL 2002/03 New York Ranger NHL 81 19 34 53 141 xx xx xx xx xx
NHL 2003/04 New York Ranger NHL 39 10 22 32 60 xx xx xx xx xx
NHL 2005/06 Toronto Maple Leafs NHL 33 11 11 22 43 xx xx xx xx xx


711 ,367 ,472 ,839 1328 50 24 33 57 118

legend for the player statistics:

FR or GP = plays altogether; T or G = obtained gates; A = Assists obtained; Pkt or Pts = obtained Scorerpunkte; SM or PIM = punishing minutes; Min. = played minutes

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