Eric Tabarly

Eric Tabarly (* 1931 in Nantes; † 1998 in the Irish sea) are considered as one the outstanding Hochseesegler and innovativsten technical designers of Regattayachten 20. Century. It made itself particularly by victories in a hand rain corroding and different record travels a name, under it for that 1980 after 75 years broken record for Atlantic crossing (in ten days, five hours and 14 minutes).


the first large success of Tabarly was the victory with the “Pen Duick II” with the Einhand Transatlantikregatta OSTAR von Plymouth after new haven (Rhode Island). To the following rain corroding develops it different yachts with partly very innovative drafts.

Beside the Regattafahrten the passion Tabarlys of the classical yacht Pen Duick ( bretonisch = Tannenmeise ), built after a draft of William Fife III 1898, applied, which he had taken over and had restored from his father.

Eric Tabarly always rejected it to secure itself on board. 1998 should cost it this the life, when he went during a night travel in the Irish sea over board.

Tabarly was distinguished with the cross of a knight of the Ehrenlegion.


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