Erich Cohn

Erich Cohn (* 1. March 1884 in Berlin, † 28. August 1918) was a German chess master.

Cohn studied medicine and became a physician, however he had to fight with health problems.

Several times he took part to the citizen of Berlin tournaments with 4 participants. Here it occupied 1909 with pond man the divided first place (before play man and of Bardeleben), 1910 became it second behind pond man. 1912 it became together with Reti in Abbazia third, in Stockholm reserved it behind Aljechin the second seat. 1914 it won citizens of Berlin the master tournament last together with play man.

It played matches against well-known chess masters: in Monaco 1909 it was subject to Rudolf play man with 1-2 (+1-2=0), 1909 in Berlin Emanuel Lasker with 1-3 (+1-3=0). It defeated 1906 Carl Carl in Berlin with 5,5-1,5 (+5-1=1).


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