Erich fiddler

Erich fiddler (* 15. March 1901 in Berlin; † 19. May 1981 in Berlin) was a German actor and synchronous speaker.


Erich fiddler began first a study literature and of the history of art, visited then however the play school max of Reinhardts in Berlin, where it gave also its theatre debut. Commitments followed in iron oh, Nuremberg, Dresden and Berlin.

1933 it gave beside Theo Lingen in the comedy Marion, is right oneself not its film debut. Scarcely forty years was it an in demand character and load actor in film and television. In addition, the small, hagere man with the pointed, high voice was occupied thereby often in amusing roles, played tragikomische and precise, unpleasant (as for instance in the stage hare) and dark characters (as in the student from Prague to Hanns Heinz Ewers). In its career comprehensive over one hundred films it played and others beside Heinrich George (sensation process Casilla), Marika skirt (Kora Terry, women are nevertheless better diplomats), Ilse Werner (queen of one night), Hans Albers (the mad Bomberg), Heinz resting man (the youth judge) and Lilo powder (wonderful times in the Spessart).

Besides fiddler was already starting from 1935 extensively in the synchronisation active. It often borrowed also here its distinguierte, high and nasale voice to Komikern, in addition, roles with a elaborierten British Understatement. Thus he became the German standard speaker of the Komikers and character actor Robert Morley (among other things Topkapi and the wax bouquet). To the many famous play colleagues, to who he borrowed his voice up to its retirement 1976, David Niven ( the black 13) belonged, Peter Cushing (as shearing LOCK of cross-beam in the dog of Baskerville), Sammy Davis jr. (The Benny Goodman story), Bela Lugosi (Abbott & Costello meet Franconia stone), Ferdy Mayne (among other things as Vampirgraf Krolock in novel pole to gravel dance of the Vampire), Philippe Noiret (lady L), Donald Pleasence (the supervisor), Basil Rathbone (we are not angels) and Terry Thomas (the Däumling).

Center of the 70's withdrew itself fiddlers from the film work; its last synchronous role took over he 1976. To 19. May 1981 it died eighty-year old in its hometown Berlin.

Filmografie (selection)

  • 1933 Marion, is right itself not
  • 1935 the student of Prague
  • 1937 the stage hare
  • 1938 the case Deruga
  • 1939 sensation process Casilla
  • 1940 Kora Terry
  • 1941 women is nevertheless better diplomats
  • 1946 Peter Voss, the million-thief
  • 1951 queen of one night
  • 1953 the empress of China
  • 1956 Black Forest melody
  • 1957 the mad Bomberg
  • 1960 the red hand
  • 1960 the youth judge
  • 1962 everyone route 11
  • 1967 wonderful times in the Spessart
  • 1970 the gentlemen with the white waistcoat
  • 1973 one night in Venice

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