Erich Ludendorff

Erich Ludendorff (* 9. April 1865 in Kruszewnia with Schwersenz, province floats; † 20. December 1937 in Tutzing) was beside Paul von Hindenburg as a boss of the highest army command (OHL) a prominent German general of the First World War, Putschist, right-wing extremistRealm tag delegate and founder German völkischen sparkling wines.

Erich Ludendorff

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youth and military career

Ludendorff were born as a son of an owner of manor and a reserve officer in close proximity to Schwersenz (Swarzedz) in the province floats ( today Poland). Its younger brother was an astrophysicist Hans Ludendorff. The father fought as Kavallerieoffizier into thatGerman agreement wars (1866, 1870/71) and Erich intended for the officer career.

As a eighteen-year old officer this began a shining military career, came 1894 to the imperial general staff and led starting from 1908 the military planning department for the attack on France after the defaults of the Schlieffenplans. At the beginning of the First World War Ludendorff succeeded to the reports as a brigade commander in the single-handed attempt at the income the citadel of Lüttich.

in the First World War

to 22. August 1914 he became chief of staff of later realm president Paul von Hindenburg and was onthe victories in the battle with fir mountain and the Masurenschlacht against the Russian troops takes part.

After the dismissal Erich von Falkenhayns as a boss of the general staff to 29. August 1916 was promoted to Ludendorff as 1. Quartermaster general beside Hindenburg to the actual head of the third OHL. As allegedonly guarantors of a victory had both an almost indisputable position and exercised an inconsiderate, actual military dictatorship, apart from which the position of the emperor faded. By their misjudging the military forces they became chief executives for the German defeat.

By Hindenburg and Ludendorff implemented the “emergency service law”from December 1916 mass strikes should prevent and keep the workers. Ludendorff was also advocate of the unrestricted submarine war. This was meant as answer to the British sea-blockade, brought however in the long run the USA for occurring publicly on sides of the allied ones the war.

In the east erstrebte Ludendorff large war goals, which reached still over in the peace treaty of Brest Litowsk went out. For the destabilization of the Russian government it left a group Russian revolutionary, under it to Lenin, from which over Germany to Russia channel Switzerland.

In the spring offensive 1918 it turned thoseso-called “depth infiltration tactics” on, which for the first time made a real break-through and operational ground gains possible since beginning of the trench warfare. To a crucial victory these successes were not enough however, since it lacked supply and reserves. In view of the been stuck offensive ones at the west front Ludendorff spoke itself to 29. September 1918 for an immediate armistice offer at US president Wilson and - for tactical reasons - for a Parlamentarisierung of the government out. Civilian politicians should take thereby the responsibility for the completion of the war. Herein the germ for the Dolchstosslegende lay.

As it at the end of of October oneContinuation of the “resistance with extreme forces” demanded, became it to 26. Octobers finally dismisses. At the beginning of the November revolution it fled to Sweden.

fight against the Weimar Republic

after its return to Germany played Ludendorff a prominent role in nationalreactionary circles andwas actively involved both in the cutting and in the Hitlerputsch. During the process following on the Hitlerputsch it was acquitted however despite the serious load material. he took over 1924 together with Gregor Strasser the guidance of the German völkischen liberty party, one the right-wing extremist völkischen groups of fragments, those the inheritancethe NSDAP temporarily forbidden after the Hitlerputsch to begin want. From 1924 to 1928 it sat as a delegate for „the National Socialist liberty party “, a parliamentary group community of a Deutschvölki liberty party and NSDAP, in Reichstag.

1925 left itself to Ludendorff as a candidate extreme rights for the choice to the realm presidentnominate, since Hitler sat at this time still in fortress detention. In the first ballot he achieved however only 1.1 per cent of the voices. After Hitler, on whose support he had counted, had not requested its trailers to be correct for Hindenburg stepped Ludendorff in the second ballot no moreon.

conspiracy theories and generic term cure anti-mash

Ludendorff withdrew itself after this blamablen result from the policy, which it itself conspire-theoretically with „the working of supra-national powers […] against me “ explained. Thus were the Jesuitenorden, the free bricklaying, the Judentum and the communist international one would have meant, then wähnte Ludendorff, would have together-done, to humiliate around Germany and to farmhands. For this purpose they would have among other things already produced 1914 the murders of Sarajevo, the Russian revolution, the war entrance of the USA, the revolution of 9. November 1918 and that Versailler contract. The fact that the individual groupings were in this alleged world conspiracy each other partially spider enemy did not hold Ludendorff from it, ever more such konspirationistisches yarn to spiders. Thus he presumed for example to the statement, Mozart and Schiller is of the “Tschekathe supra-national secret federation “murdered. Forum for these conspiracy theories offered the “fir mountain federation, ariosophische sparkling wines , which it had created 1926 under the influence of his second Mrs. Mathilde to it. Ludendorff further conspiracy theories designed here, but did not only work also than Numerologe:Since the numbers are holy 10 and 5 as kabbalistische count values of the first two letters of the God name JHWH the Jew, the next world war, which would be released by them, at the 1 must. May 1932 begin, because the number of 1932 has 15 as checksum.

The abstrusePhantasmen of the ever more paranoider becoming general were even the national socialist too much, who was not averse from conspiracy theories otherwise like minutes of the ways of Zion. Alfred rose mountain assumed, a former quartermaster general had become psychotisch, while Goebbels in its diary corroded: “This woman is worse itsSpirit ". Already to 5. February 1927 had been issued a circular to all gau lines of the NSDAP, which determined party-officially:

“Exz. Ludendorff is not member of the NSDAP and has therefore on this no influence ".

Hitler expressed in the same year on a public meeting in Regensburgeven the assumption, Ludendorff is even member of a Loge. 1933 were forbidden the fir mountain federation with its attached organizations and its magazine Ludendorffs people control room.

end and Nachleben

Ludendorff withdrew themselves 1928 from the policy and sorted now also fascism and national socialismunder „supra-national powers “, by which he saw himself pursued. Since the national socialists admired it however as heroes of the world war and „the combat time “, the married couple Ludendorff remained personally undisturbed, after Hindenburgs death 1934 tried it with it out sons and it as nationalTo construct identification figure. Hitler's offer to appoint and to it a valuable manor give it the general field marshal, Ludendorff is to have abruptly rejected. Finally Hitler came to the already critically ill one to 30. March 1937 and promised to permit „the German God realization Ludendorff registered association “again. This became as “German God realization(L) “equally to the Christian as religious community nationally certified. To 20. December 1937 died Ludendorff at a cancer suffering. The National Socialist government honoured it, against its express will and that its wife, with a state funeral.

A much quoted letter Ludendorffs at Hindenburg of the 1. February 1933,with which it is to have forecast, which will push, is our realm even to realm chancellor appointed Hitler “into the abyss” in the nineties as falsification exposed.


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