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Erich Maria Remarque eigentl. Erich Paul Remark (* 22. June 1898 in Osnabrück; † 25. September 1970 in Locarno) was German - an US-American author.

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Erich Paul Remark became to 22. June 1898 as child of the Buchbinders Peter Franz Remark and an Anna Maria born Stallknecht in Osnabrück born. It called itself only since 1924 Erich, Decorating “Maria” as further first names he already used Maria Remarque starting from November 1922.

After conclusion of the elementary school (1904 to 1912) it visited the catholic teacher seminar. It was drawn in 1916 after an emergency exam as a soldier and camein June 1917 to the west front, where it was already hurt at the end of of July by a garnet fragment. Although some compare it with the main shape Paul Baeumer, to who as a freiwilliger soldier announced itself into the German army, Remarque did not have itselfvoluntarily as a soldier announced. 1918 he experienced the end of war in the military hospital in Duisburg. After the war it continued the teacher training and worked starting from that 1. August 1919 as people school teachers in is worth (with Lingen), starting from May 1920 in Small Berssen (Ems country) and starting from August 1920 in Nahne, which belongs since 1972 to Osnabrück. With the desire for a giving time off of the school service this episode already ended to 20. November 1920 again. Its first work, the youth novel „the Traumbude “was a failure. Remarque struck itself and. A. as agent for gravestones and organist in „the lunatic asylum “through. Finally he was a newspaper editor, and. A. during „the Osnabrücker daily paper “, „the echo Continental “(work newspaper of the tire manufacturer of the same name), Hanover (1922) and„the sport in the picture “, Berlin 1924. Already in the year 1921 the occasional use of the artist name is occupied. While its time in Hanover by Remarque about 100 shorter Prosatexte in various daily and weekly papers were published.

The experiences of the The First World War did not process it in its anti-war novel „in the west anything new1927 as continuation novel for the Vossi newspaper 1928, that it soon after the appearance as expenditure for book 1929 and in the Hollywood - filming by Lewis Milestone world-wideadmits made.1932 it left Germany and lived first in postage Ronco in the Tessin in Switzerland. Here it took contact to other emigrierten German writers on (and. A. Thomas's man, Carl Zuckmayer, Ernst Toller, Else Lasker pupil, Ludwig run) and granted other emigrants from Germany Unterschlupf.

Its pazifistischen books became 1933 after the seizure of power of the NSDAP in Germany of the Nazis, because of „literary betrayal of the soldier of the world war, for education of the German peoplein the spirit of the Wehrhaftigkeit “, burned. Besides the national socialists strewed the rumor, it are Jew, its real name are a shopkeeper ( the Ananym to Remark), and it in the war at all did not participate. Aftereffect of this rumor is also today stillcommon wrong statement, its original name was a shopkeeper.

1938 it was expatriated finally and lived officially starting from 1939 in the USA. Here it met the actress and Nazigegnerin further German emigrants, like Lion Feuchtwanger, Bertolt breaks and Marlene Dietrich. In the American exile it wrote a novel, which appeared on German 1941 in London under the title „seam SAM “(stranded goods) on English and in Stockholm under the title „love your next one “. Some years later (1947) attainedit the American nationality. Starting from 1948 it lived alternating in the USA and in Swiss postage Ronco. In Ascona harsh ore Zangs, Marlene Dietrich and Remarque in cafe Verbalo announced at that time begegnten themselves. 1967 were lent to it the large Order of Merit.

Remarque was in first (14. October 1925 - 4. January 1930) and second marriage (22. January 1938 to 20. May 1957) with the dancer Jutta Ilse Zambona (25. August 1901 - 25. June 1975) marries. In the meantime it had affairswith Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo and other one. To 25. February 1958 he married the actress Paulette Goddard, which former wife of Charlie Chaplin, with which he lived up to his death in its Wahlheimat Tessin.

It diedto 25. September 1970 in Locarno, after it had already suffered several heart accumulations in the years before, at Aortenaneurysma, a special complication of the Arteriosklerose. Remarque was buried at the cemetery by Ronco sopra Ascona.

Remarque in honoursits hometown Osnabrück 1991 brought the Erich Maria Remarque Friedenspreis into being. He will assign every two years. The award of the prize always takes place in the week of its birthday in the historical city hall.


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