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Erich Mielke (* 28. December 1907 in Berlin; † 21. May 2000 in Berlin) was after the resignation Ernst Wollwebers starting from 1957 Ministers for public security of the GDR and thus one of the chief executives for the development of the surface coveringMonitor in the GDR. From 1953 to 1989 Mielke was besides a chairman of the sport combination direct current generator.

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after training andActivity as a forwarding business buyer worked Erich Mielke from 1928 to 1931 as a local reporter at the communist “red flag” and belonged to party self protection. To 9. August 1931 he shot the two policemen Paul Anlauf and Franz on the Bülowplatz in BerlinSteer from the ambush and fled thereupon into the Soviet Union.

There it received military training and fought from 1936 to 1939 under the pseudonym Fritz Leissner in the Spanish civil war at the international brigades.

After the end of theSpanish civil war submerged it under the name smelling pool of broadcasting corporations lever (as alleged Lette) in Belgium and France. After the end 2. World war returned it to Berlin and became there director/conductor of the police inspection Berlin Lichtenberg. In addition became it in the central committeethe KPD transfer the function of the department manager for police and law. From July 1946 he was on vice-president of the German administration of the inside (DVdI), the forerunner of the Ministry of the inside. In October 1949 Mielke became director/conductor of the head office the protectionthe national economy (forerunner of the MfS).

During the establishment of the MfS in February 1950 William Zaisser was used as a leader and Erich Mielke its deputy in the rank of an undersecretary of state. After the rebellion of 17. June 1953 was set off Zaisser and Ernst Wollweber of new leaders. 1957 replaced Ulbricht Wollweber and Mielke the director/conductor of the MfS were appointed. He dressed this position up to 7. November 1989.

the Ministry for public security

the public security mentioned in the vernacular “state security service”grew under his responsibility oktopusartig into all company areas, and even in the private one nobody could be safe before spying on and betrayal. Sad admittingness attained among other things the case of Vera Lengsfeld (1990 to 2005 MdB), which spies on from its married manbecame. A further prominent victim was Robert Havemann, which was supervised occasionally by approximately 100 state security service coworkers.

the MfS of about 91,000 full-time and 173,000 unofficial coworkers employed 1989 (IN). To 13. November 1989 said Mielke before the GDR people chamber: “I lovebut all… all humans ", which was acknowledged with loud laughter. Mielkes of words belong to the usually-quoted the Wendezeit. They were however provocative thereby that it a Saxonian LDPD Volkskammerabgeordneter had referred to it, it are in its speech given (without manuscript)not continuously the address “comrade” enweaving, since in the plenum comrades would not evenly only be. That dismissed Mielke (see Wikiquote quotations) as “formal question”, on which the first laughter rose, into which inside it, already strongly disconcerted, the historically deliveredSentence spoke. In the population of GDR it, from the connection, was thus torn when absolutist presumption and malicious cynicism understood.

1976 require Mielke of the hectars I, abbott Expresses defense to arrest that Hamburg Michael garden racquets and/or. to liquidate. Garden racquet had inYears 1976 the fragmentation mines contrary to international law diminished from the border fence of the GDR and thus the GDR guidance internationally denounced. To 30. April 1976 was shot Michael garden racquet by a state security service SWAT team.

after the turn

ways of double completed murder at two policemenand a tried murder from the year 1931 Erich Mielke became to 26. October 1993 to six years imprisonment condemned (because of detention inability from the execution one refrained). It lived last as a pensioner in Berlin waiting mountain and died to 21. May 2000 inOlder of 92 years in a geriatric home in Berlin high beautiful living. Erich Mielke was buried in an anonymous Urnengrab.

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