Erich Rahn

Erich Rahn (* 1. May 1885; † 5. July 1973) was a pioneer of the Jiu Jitsu - and Judo - sport in Germany. It created 1906 in Berlin the first German Jiu Jitsu school.

life and working

the history of the Jiu Jitsu in Germany are closely linked with the name Erich Rahns. Rahn came by the commercial relations of its father already in earliest childhood with Japanese into contact. With these meetings he became acquainted with different Budotechniken . At the same time the first Japanese sportsmen in European Varietés gave conceptions, in which her Judo - and Jiu Jitsutechniken presented. With one of these conceptions young Erich Rahn Katsuguma Higashi became acquainted with , which defeated a physically clearly superior man by Jiu Jitsu. The inspired Rahn became pupil of Higashi and learned from it the techniques of the Jiu Jitsu. Convinced of this goal it gave its occupation up, in order to be able to dedicate itself to the study of the Jiu Jitsu completely.

1906 opened the first German Jiu Jitsu school to Rahn at the age of 21 years. In order to make the combat haven popular, Rahn speeches and lectures held generally speaking country. The Intersse of the public at the “Geraufe” was however first very small. After these failures Rahn began to stress the function of the Jiu Jitsu as possibility of self-defense. Philosophy standing behind the Budo moved thereby into the background. By these „Verwestlichung “held also increasingly would ring-seize, box impacts and application of force entrance into the Jiu Jitsu.

1910 could interest Erich Rahn for the first time the citizens of Berlin Kriminalpolizei in Jiu Jitsu. The director/conductor at that time of the Kiminalpolizei exerted itself with the chief of the police, trusting God of Jagow, for it and he received invitation to a demonstration in royal police headquarters. Thereupon it the training of the Kriminalpolizei and the security police was transferred later in self-defense. 1913 received a training order for Jiu Jitsu at the institute for military turn Berlin to Rahn.

After that 1. World war in the year 1919 undertook Rahn a further attempt Jiu Jitsu outside from Berlin admits to make. It went on a Varieté route through completely Germany and accepted with its conceptions each challenge, also from well-known Ringern and Boxern. With this enterprise it more success had granted; soon the first clubs in other cities were opened and Jiu Jitsu developed Germany far to the kind of match haven. 1920 it created „the first citizen of Berlin Jiu Jitsu club in Berlin “, two years later „the central association of the German Jiu Jitsu fighters “. In the same year, 1922, took place in the citizen of Berlin sport palace the first German Jiu Jitsu championship. In the final Erich Rahn Hans Reuter from Munich defeated. At the age of 40 years Erich Rahn pulled itself finally unbesiegt from such public matches back.

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