Erich Schwertner

Erich Schwertner (* 10. October 1918 in nine-churches (Saar); † 9. January 1965) was a German politician of the FDP/DPS.

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lives and occupation

the son of a driving riser was by occupation a civil engineer. After it dismisses from Russian war shank was, Schwertner was sent 1950 as a contact man of the Foreign Office to the Saar.

a party

after the prohibition of the DPS was assigned Schwertner by the Federal Government the establishment of the democratic people's party (data processing), so that at least a German-friendly party could be present. The data processing failed however due to substantial handicap by the Frenchmen and a financial scandal to the 5%-Hürde. After readmission of the DPS the data processing of these followed and Schwertner became 3. Chairman.

Nach dem Beitritt des Saarlandes zur Bundesrepublik Deutschland wurde die DPS der Landesverband-Saar der FDP, so dass auch Schwertner Mitglied der Liberalen wurde.


Schwertner was from 1955 to 1960 of state parliament delegates in the Saarland.

To 4. January 1957 was sent Schwertner by the Saarland federal state parliament into the German Bundestag. There it followed, like all DPS delegate, the FDP - parliamentary group. With the end of the electoral period Schwertner separated the Bundestag.

public offices

of 4. June 1957 to 26. February 1959 he was a Minister for public work and reconstruction of the Saarland, after he was before already since January 1956 a state commissioner for reconstruction. Starting from 1960 he withdrew himself completely from the policy.


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