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Erich Wolfgang grain gold (* 29. May 1897 in Brünn, Austria Hungary; † 29. November 1957 in Los Angeles) was Austrian - an US-American composer, conductor and a pianist.

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grain gold was a son of the Jewish Viennese of music critic Julius grain gold. Its first teacher was Robert fox; later he became pupil of Alexander of Zemlinsky and Hermann Grädener. Already as a child steppedGrain gold gift clearly to light. With eleven years excited it by the composition of the pantomimischen Balletts the Schneemann attention. With thirteen it wrote Klaviersonaten; play Ouvertüren and symphonies followed - grain gold was celebrated as a miracle child. The performances of its juvenilia took place frequently via prominent music personalitiesearly 20. Century such as Bruno walter, Artur bill, Arthur Nikisch, Wilhelm Furtwängler, Felix Weingartner or Richard bunch.

Grain gold opera compositions “the ring of the Polykrates and “Violanta” (both 1916), the dead city (1920), “the miracle of the Heliane” (1927) had at its time large success and let it - beside smelling pool of broadcasting corporations bunch - the usually-played opera composer of Austria and Germany become. Its probably most important success was the opera the dead city. Between 1932 to 1937 grain gold toned the raw material of the novel The farm servant of Aachen (Zsolnay publishing house, 1931) by Heinrich Eduard Jacob (1889-1967) to the opera the Kathrin. The libretto and/or. the text draft comes from Ernst Decsey (1870-1941). The premiere took place to 7. October 1939, that 50. Birthday Yak-generic terms, in Stockholm. Only to 19.October 1950 arrived the opera in Vienna at the Austrian and/or. German first performance.

1934 followed grain gold of the invitation of its friend max of Reinhardts already emigrierten after Hollywood, in order to arrange for its film A avoiding buzzer Night's Dream (a summer eight-dream) the play music. After the connection of Austria onthe “largeGerman realm” it could not return no more to its homeland. He requested asylum and received to 1943 the American Staatsbügerschaft.

Thus it began its second career as a film composer of the Warner Brothers. Grain gold was outrider to compose special music for films. Its Filmmusiken remindstill very much to “classical” Symphonien, are however nevertheless perfectly cut to the respective scene.

It was distinguished with two Oscars: 1936 for the film music to Anthony Adverse, 1938 for the music to The Adventures OF Robin Hood. Altogether he wrote between 1935 and 1957 the music for 19 films (among other things The Sea Hawk, The Sea wolf).

1938 decided grain gold to leave itself final in Hollywood down. However its attempt failed to find the way back after the war to the absolute music, and its music was forgotten to a large extent. Only tooits 100. Grain gold works moved birthday 1997 again stronger in the context of one grain gold Renaissance into consciousness.


work of grain gold of works beside Filmmusiken also various operas as well as orchestra and chamber music.

orchestra works

  • 1911: Play Ouvertüre OI. 4
  • 1912: Sinfonietta H majorOI. 5
  • 1924: Piano concert for left hand alone Cis Dur OI. 17
  • 1946: Concert for cello and orchestra in C op.37 in a set
  • of 1947: Violinkonzert D major
  • 1954: Symphony F sharp major OI. 40

stage works


  • UP Periscope (1959)
  • Home Before Dark (1958)
  • Magic Fire (1956) (Mrs. around smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Wagner) (1956)
  • escape ME Never (1947)
  • Deception (1946)
  • OF human Bondage (1946)
  • Devotion (1946)
  • Between Two Worlds (1944)
  • The Constant Nymph (1943)
  • Kings Row (1942)
  • The Sea wolf(1941)
  • The Sea Hawk (1940)
  • The private one live one OF Elizabeth and Essex (1939)
  • Juarez (1939)
  • The Adventures OF Robin Hood (1938)
  • Another Dawn (1937)
  • The Prince and the Pauper (1937)
  • Anthony Adverse (1936)
  • The Green Pastures (1936)
  • Hearts Divided (1936)
  • Give US This Night (1936)
  • Captain Blood (1935)
  • A avoiding buzzer Night's Dream (1935)

Erich Wolfgang grain gold price

since 1995 lends the donation German Kinemathek as well as the German music advice, the German Phono academy and the film donation of the country North Rhine-Westphalia this price for a “artistic life's work”.



  • Erich Wolfgang grain gold over film music and the Filmmusiken by Erich Wolfgang grain gold in Tony Thomas: Film music. The large film composers - their art andits technology (OT: Film Score). Heyne, Munich 1996, ISBN 3-453-09007-1, S. 85-93

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