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Erich of gets roll ago (* 28. November 1908 in Riga, † 26. May 1962 in Herrsching, Upper Bavaria) was a German biologist and behavior researcher. It researched among other things at Institut for sea biology in Wilhelmshaven over the physiology of the central nervous system and the sensory organs with fish and starting from 1955 at the institute for Max-Planck for behavior physiology in sea-meadows with star mountain as its director of establishment; in this function he was up to its early death a boss of its successor Konrad Lorenz.

research results

Erich of get discovered among other things the Reafferenzprinzip in the perception teachings and designed at the beginning of of 1940 at the University of Goettingen the first so-called. Rocker flight models (“artificial birds”), in order to document that it checks up the mechanics of the bird flight had.

One of Konrad the Lorenz frequently told according to anecdote it the Lorenz 1936 convinced to give up the explanation of animal behavior with the help of at that time the so-called reflex chain theory accepted far away in favor of the instinct theory. The 26-jährige of gets in Berlin during a lecture of the Lorenz coincidentally beside Lorenz' wife sat at that time and constantly “idiot, idiot” murmured, if Lorenz tried to interpret its behavior observations with the reflex chain theory. Following the lecture it took only a half hour, until it had convinced the Lorenz “once and for all of the fundamental incorrectness of the dominant reflex teachings” (K. Lorenz in the introduction too: Grzimeks animal life, supplement behavior research, Kindler publishing house 1974). In the history of the Ethologie this meeting is made a sea protest frequently for the actual birth of the subject.

Large influence on the development at the beginning of only observing and describing animal psychology toward a physiology of the behavior Holsts of experiments had among other things with “cut back” earthworms. It separated that belly Marks of the animal from its upper throat ganglion (the “brain”) and cut through also most connections to the muscle cells. Then it registierte from each pair of ganglia of a worm segment (of each “ring”) outgoing nerve impulse. As was it shown, the pairs of ganglia sent further probably-coordinated, rhythmic impulses out, which corresponded exactly to the segment-wise muscle contraction, which for the forward movement enables an intact animal. Like that it was proven that autonomous, internal - of environmental attractions independent - rhythms determine the movement behavior of the earthworm.

In similar way it could gets with back Mark preparations of fish to prove that the swimming movements are not only produced in the central nervous system (thus without outside attractions!), but also in it to be coordinated, i.e. without co-operation of Propriozeptoren and transmitting nerves.

When exzellenter Viola player and instrument farmer reconstructed of gets violas, like old-Italian models sounded - over to prove that it had seized the regularities of the sound formation correctly.


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