Erika fox

Dr. Erika fox, born Petri, (* 7. December 1906 in Rostock; † 22. April 2005 in Munich) was a German translator.

Admits became it particularly by its translations of the American Disney -Comics bark approximately, in particular stories of Carl around the family duck. Their translations contained - differently than the English collecting mains - countless hidden quotations and literary allusions. Like that she, as outstanding Literaturkennerin, was the firm conviction, oneenough as a translator von Comics cannot be formed. Also that nearly always as its creation designated saying: “The Ingeniör is not nothing too swear “is an own invention, but at the beginning of the poem “engineer song” of the poet Heinrich Seidel (1842-1906), publishes1889 in the “bell play”. By the verbs, with which, like before does not only admit, shortened on the word trunk, noises (Onomatopoesie) to be described (e.g. „to sip “, „groan “, „knarr “, „more klimper “), but also loudless (psychological) procedures to be marked (e.g. „grübel “, „be astonished “), agitates thatExpression Erikativ.

It spent the largest part of its childhood and youth in the pommerschen Belgard to the Persante polarize (. Białogard). There it reached 1921 as a first girl to become certified at the local boy High School it 1926 with the Abiturlocked. Subsequently, it studied history of art in Lausanne , Munich and London. The exam put it down 1931/32. Their graduation 1935 over Johann Michael Feichtmayr: A contribution for the history German Rococo was evaluated with Summa cum laude. Afterthe Second World War worked she as a translator, first for the German expenditure of “Reader's Digest “, before they led further employments to translating with other American magazines. finally 1951 became it chief talking document urine of the again-created German Micky mouse,with their organization it in the following years much influence had. 1988 stepped it into the retirement.

2001 received it the special price at the Heimito of Doderer price and the Roswitha price.

Erika fox was up to their death honour member of the D.O.N.A.L.D. (GermansOrganization Nichtkommerzieller trailer of the louder Donaldismus). Members of this association, in particular Patrick Bahners and Andreas flat house, decorated occasionally the headings of the venerable FAZ - feuilletons with Fuchs' language small deserts, which was opened however often only for the connoisseur.


  • Klaus Bohn: The Erika fox book. Of Disney translator von Donald duck and Mickey mouse: A modern mosaic.. Three thirteen, Lueneburg 1996, ISBN 3-929746-10-7

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