Ernest Bloch

Ernest Bloch (* 24. July 1880 in Geneva; † 15. July 1959 in haven country, Oregon) was Swiss - an American composer of Jewish descent.


Ernest Bloch was born in Geneva and studied to Brussels conservatoires, where Eugène Ysaÿe belonged to its teachers, and later at the Dr. Hoch's conservatoire in Frankfurt. After its study it traveled by Europe and finally established themselves 1916 in the United States , where it acquired 1924 the citizenry. He noticed different training obligations. To its pupils George Antheil and Roger session belonged. The thirties he spent to a large extent in Switzerland and returned afterwards to the USA. In the year 1959 it died in haven country (Oregon) at cancer.

Blochs early works, like his opera Macbeth (1910), are both of the lateromantic school smelling pool of broadcasting corporations bunch ', and of Claude Debussy 's Impressionismus affects. Works, including its bestbekannten pieces, mature are of Jewish more lithurgischer and people music often inspired. To these works Schelomo ( 1916) for cello and orchestra , Israel Symphony ( 1916) belong, to Baal (1923 for violin and piano, later for violin and orchestra), as well as Avodath Hakodesch (service, 1933) for Bariton, choir and orchestra. Other pieces of this period are the violin concert for Joseph Szigeti, and the Rhapsody America for choir and orchestra.

The works written after the Second World War exhibit a larger stylistic difference, although Blochs essentially romantic style remains. Some, like the Suite hébraïque (1950), continue the Jewish topic, while others, as show the second Concerto grosso (1952), an interest in the Neoklassizismus. However also here the harmonious language romantic and only the form is baroque. The late caper quartets use atonale elements.

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