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Ernst Jandl (* 1. August 1925 in Vienna; † 9. June 2000 in Vienna) was a Austrian poet and writer. It is among other things by his special-humoristic language art of the experimental lyric poetry and some salient Neologismen admits become.

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Ernst Jandl came at the end of the Second World War into English war shank. After its release it studied in Vienna Germanistik and Anglistik. 1949 it completed the teaching profession examination, attained a doctorate 1950 and was active as teachers at High Schools. It informed also at the “school for seal” in Vienna.

Under the influence the concrete poetry and the Dadaismus Jandl of the experimental seal turned . 1952 appeared first publicationsJandls in the magazine “new ways “.

Starting from 1954 Jandl was closely friendly with Friederike Mayröcker, its later life companion, with whom he together created also some works. 1973 he was joint founder of the Grazer author meeting, starting from 1975 their vice-president and from 1983 to 1987 their president. Jandl became with its language plays one of the most important representatives of the German-language experimental lyric poetry.

Its art existed not only in writing, but also in the lecture of its poems. Its listener at that time and new fans can do many of Jandl embodied Language plays in the original hear: Numerous Schallplattenaufnahmen its speech and sound of experiments were shifted, which of it interpreted and frequently are accompanied by singing and jazz music.

Jandl was an inspired fan of the jazz. In addition it had a small dog, it cause tooof “Otto to the famous poem Mops “gave: It tells a history between Herrchen and dog, which get along completely with the vowel O.


poem volume “sound and Luise” count work to Jandls most well-known poems, “schtzngrmm”, “Otto mops”, “kneiernzuck” and “clearing”. This is asExample of a famous language play Jandls quotes here:

some lechts
and rinks can
one means not velwechsern
werch illtum

the third volume of the dtv Werksausgabe Jandls carries the names of this poem. It works consistently with the exchanging of the letters L and R, so thatfrom it its joke results. Already the title indicates the “direction” to the interpretation. - A review of Franz shoe says to it: By calling it a Illtum the fact that one could lechts and rinks not velwechsern made Jandl better than every different one clear,that “on the right of and left for the mistake wait at any time”. Shoe points out that Jandl made the “weighty selection” for this volume and under it also a political text is, which is concerned with the Austrian entry to the European Union.

With pleasure Ernst Jandl could state that its language plays clearly increased the literary interest of school children. Therefore it was occupied in its instruction activity much with “lyric poetry for children “(see Web left). Furthermore its poem “a flag for Austria” is mentioned (the Austrian flag carries those for colour strip red-white-red):

I white

most of its works work only with the verbal lecture, so that he attached importance to it, to speak it.


Jandl received numerous literature and different prices for his work:

of works

expenditure for work

Ernst Jandl: Poetic works. 10 volumes. Hrsg. by Klaus Siblewski. Luchterhand literature publishing house, 1997.

individual outputs

  • speechblow, poems, neuwied Berlin (luchterhand) 1968, New edition1993 ISBN 3630830196
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  • loud and luise, Darmstadt Neuwied (Luchterhand) 1971, New edition 1990 ISBN 3630830080
  • flöda and the swan, with four designs of the author, bull city i.Ts. (Eremiten) 1971, ISBN 387365010X
  • the men, a film, designsthe author, Duesseldorf (Eremiten) 1973, ISBN 387365038X
  • secured, poems, with an epilog of Hans more mayer, Darmstadt Neuwied (Luchterhand) 1973
  • series foot, darmstadt neuwied (luchterhand) 1974, ISBN 347261157X
  • for everything, darmstadt neuwied (luchterhand) 1974, ISBN 347286382X
  • the beautiful art of the letter, Darmstadt Neuwied(Luchterhand) 1976, ISBN 3472864273
  • the treatment of the cap, poems, darmstadt neuwied (luchterhand) 1978, ISBN 3472864656
  • from the foreigner, speech opera in 7 scenes, Darmstadt Neuwied (Luchterhand) 1980, ISBN 3472865075
  • the yellow dog, poems, darmstadt neuwied (luchterhand) 1980, ISBN 3472865083
  • haven-guess/advise the chess player asdrinking clock, poems, darmstadt neuwied (luchterhand) 1983/1986, ISBN 3472616458
  • opening and closing the mouth, Frankfurt poet IC lectures, Darmstadt Neuwied (Luchterhand) 1985, ISBN 3472615672
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  • last poems hrsg. by Klaus Siblewski, Munich (Luchterhand literature publishing house) 2001, ISBN of 3630620019
  • letters from the Kfrieg 1943-1946. Luchterhand literature publishing house, Berlin 2005.

works upClay/tone carriers

  • sound and Luise of car brook quart plate 2, Berlin 1968
  • hosi + Anna of car brook quart plate 6, Berlin 1971
  • of of to to seriously jandl with lauren Newton (singing), uli more scherer (piano and is correct), Wolfgang puschnig (and tune woodwind instruments), extra plate GmbH Vienna (ex 316,145 CD) 1988
  • They know the Röcheln of the Mona Lisa - scenes from the real live - me Mr. Bavarian broadcast radio play CD (stock No. 22871) 1990
  • a saxophone ( speech poems from “idyls”) with serious jandl, lauren Newton, Klaus thick farmer, audio CD, Erding 1991, ISBN 3221515324 are
  • rather owls?seriously jandl alsolauren Newton (are correct), Wolfgang puschnig (old saxophone, bass clarinet, flute and is correct), woody schabata (marimbaphon, vibraphon, tablas, tarabuka and more synthesizer), mathias rüegg (artistic line and is correct), extra plate GmbH Vienna (CD ex 316 141-2) 1984 (WELL 1994, ISBN 3221514123)
  • from the strange - speech opera, audio CD, Obermichelbach1995, ISBN 3925599347
  • loud and luise - from the life seriously jandl with Dieter glawischnig and ndr bend-bound, has hat record CH-4106 Therwil (2 CDs 2-8701) shortens 1995
  • vienna hero place 2 audio CDs read from the author and wolf the Redl, Munich 1998, ISBN 3895847429
  • himhemp-long the word speech poems was read of the author, 1 audio CD, Berlin 2000, ISBN 3803140374
  • 13 radiophone wrote the text & röcheln monalisa the 1 audio CD read from the author, Bavarian broadcast 2002, ISBN of 3934847706
  • world customs audio CD read from the author with Martin Haselböck (organ) and Rudolf Josel (trombone),Erding 2002, ISBN 3902123273
  • hurries with files 1 audio CD spoken of the author, Munich 2003, ISBN 3899402626
  • loud + luise. hosi + Anna speech poems read of the author, 1 audio CD, in preparation Berlin 2005, ISBN 3803140269


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