Ernst Ludwig (Hessen)

Ernst Ludwig v. Hessen 1905

Ernst Ludwig (* 25. November 1868 in Darmstadt; † 9. October 1937 in lock wolf garden when being enough, Hessen) was from 1892 to 1918 Grand Duke of Hessen and with Rhine.

It originated from the youngestLine house Hessen and was last Grand Duke of Hessen darmstadt. Its parents were Grand Duke Ludwig IV. and its Mrs. Alice, princess of Great Britain and Ireland. Its grandmother mütterlicherseits was queen Victoria.

1894 married Ernst Ludwig its cousin Victoria Melita of Edinburg,the daughter of his uncle, the duke Alfred von Saxonia Coburg and Gotha. Its sister Alexandra of Hessen darmstadt, those on its wedding in Coburg the later Russian Zaren Nikolaus II. became acquainted with, married this in the same year. 1896 it closed a railway community with Prussia. Due to onewrecked marriage could Victoria Melita, with which it had a common daughter Elizabeth, 1901 from it be separated. Allegedly Ernst Ludwig is to have led except-conjugal conditions with women and men.

1905 he married Eleonore to Solms Hohensolms Lich. Out of this marriage went the 1906 born hereditary Grand DukeGeorge Donatus as well as its brother Ludwig (1908) out.

After the November revolution 1918 he refused resigning, lost themselves nevertheless office and title. Hessen darmstadt was explained as the republic.

Briefly after its death close Oostende its wife and his son George Donatus died in November with an airplane misfortune,as well as its wife Caecilie with the children Ludwig and Alexander.

With the goal “my Hessen country flowers and in it the art” created Ernst Ludwig 1899 the Darmstädter artist colony and promoted as Mäzen among other things the considerable artists Peter Behrens, Hans Christiansen, Ludwig Habich, Bernhard Hoetger, Albin Mueller and Joseph Maria Olbrich. 1901 took place the first exhibition of the artist colony under the title a document of German art in Darmstadt. Three further exhibitions followed 1904, 1908 and 1914.

After it designated itself also itself in Bath Nauheim finding High School “seriousness Ludwig school”.


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