Ernst Müller-Hermann

Ernst Müller-Hermann (* 30. September 1915, † 19. July 1994) was a German politician of the CDU.

Mueller ago man originally originates from East Prussia, came however to the Second World War as a refugee to Bremen.

Mueller ago man belonged to the German Bundestag since that 1. January 1952, when it advanced for Johannes Degener, until on 1980. 1957 to 1965 was it stv. Chairman of the committee of the Bundestag for traffic, post office and telecommunication system, 1965 to 1969 of the transport committee. Of 13. June 1967 to 1969 was it stv. Chairman of the CDU CSU - parliamentary group. 1969 to 1976 were Mueller ago man of chairmen of the working group economics and nutrition of the Union faction.

Of 27. February 1958 up to 21. December 1965 and of 19. January 1977 to 1984 it belonged to the European parliament .


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