Ernst Neufert

Ernst Neufert (* 15. March 1900 in Freyburg to the Unstrut, † 1986 in role to Geneva lake) was an architect, who apart from its training activity and membership in different standardization committees admits building design teachings particularly because of its book is.

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Neufert came to 5jähriger, baugewerklicher activity 1917 to the construction industry school Weimar. On recommendation of its teacher it changed 1919 as one of the first students to the still young building house in Weimar. It locks its there study already 1920 and collects after a one year's study stay in south Europe in the subsequent years experiences in leading position under walter Gropius in one of the most renowned architect's offices of the Weimar Republic in Weimar and Dessau.

1926 it already returned again to Weimar and taught at the there building university (follow-on equipment of the building house) as a professor under Otto Bartning.

Already early it recognizes opportunities for rationalisation in the building industry, in addition, the need of normative bases.

Is Neuferts admits role less in the national socialism. Under Albert Speer will Neufert of realm standardization representatives, in order to rationalize the building industry in the state of war to accelerate and by thorough standards in co-operation with large-scale enterprises the manufacturing of dwelling and industriellen plants.

After the Second World War Neufert will appoint in the year 1945 as the professor for architecture at the technical university Darmstadt. 1974 it created an architect's office.

Ernst Neufert died to 23. February 1986 in Bugnaux sur role.


  • refectory at the philosopher way in Jena (1928-1930)
  • Abbeanum in Jena (1929-1930)
  • living and studio house in Weimar Gelmeroda (1929)
  • source large distributing house in Fürth (1954-1967)


  • walter Prigge (Hrsg.): Ernst Neufert. Standardized building culture in 20. Century. Edition building house Dessau. Campus publishing house, Frankfurt/Main 1999 ISBN 3-593-36256-2
  • Ernst Neufert: Building design teachings. Manual for the building trade man, owners, instruction and learning. Friedr.Vieweg & son publishing house GWV specialized publishing house GmbH, Wiesbaden 2005 ISBN 3-528-99651-X

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