Ernst Otto Fischer

Ernst Otto Fischer (* 10. November 1918 in being) is a German chemist and Nobelpreisträger.

Its parents were Karl T. Fischer, professor of physics at the technical University of Munich and Valentine Fischer, born Danzer. 1937 it completed its Abitur. Before its military service the Second World War broke out , and it served in Poland, France and Russia.

Fischer began during one vacation 1941, chemistry to DOES Munich to study. After the end of the war it became from the Americans in the autumnthe yearly 1945 released, its study took and received to 1949 its diploma. It attained a doctorate 1952 with Professor. Walter Hieber in inorganic chemistry. 1957 it professor at the Ludwig Maximilians university Munich, 1964 it appointed to DO Munich and took over thatChair for inorganic chemistry. In addition it became in the same year member of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences.

1973 received Fischer as well as Geoffrey Wilkinson to chemistry Nobelpreis for the study of the metal-organic sand yielding complexes.

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