Ernst Simon (philosopher)

Ernst Akiba Simon (* 15. March 1899 in Berlin; † 18. August 1988 in Jerusalem) was a paedagogue and a religion philosopher.

Simon grew up in an assimilated GermanJewish family. As a high school student enthusiastically of the German national Patriotismus Simon announced itself as a Freiwilliger to the front. By the Antisemitismus dominant in the army and its Verwundung with Verdun Simon lost its patriotic attitude. On the search for its identity he found his place in the zionistischen student movement during his study.

Starting from 1919 Simon in Berlin Germanistik, history and philosophy studied; later changed with these subjects to Heidelberg. With Professor. Hermann Oncken it attained a doctorate 1923 over climbs and Hegel. Three years later he put his state examination down successfully in Frankfurt into German and history. During this time as Studienassessor in Frankfurt it made acquaintance among other things with the later Psychoanalytiker Erich pious, the philosopher Franz branch of rose and Martin Buber and the Rabbiner Nehemia Anton Nobel.

Besides Simon at the free Jewish training house engaged itself, and cooperated in Bubers magazine the Jew . 1928 emigrierte Simon with its wife to Palestine and worked there as a lecturer in theology and philosophy. On inständiges asking Bubers returned Simon 1934 for six months to Germany and helped this with its work in the adult education. At the end of of 1934 left Simon finally Germany and went back to the University of Jerusalem, in order to take up its training activity there again. 1950 took over Simon a Professur for philosophy and history of the Pädagogik.

Together with Martin Buber and Gershom Scholem became Simon member in the peace federation Brith Schalom, which used itself for the Jewish-Arab communication as well as a binational Jewish-Palestinian state. Thus Simon as well as its colleagues became a large critic of the Israeli policy. 1955 it was considerably involved in the establishment of the Leo Baeck institute. Gastprofessuren and lecture journeys led Simon again and again to Europe and the USA.

At the age of 89 years Professor died. Dr. Ernst Simon to 18. August 1988 in Jerusalem. After its death the Moses Mendelssohn center of the University of potsdam its comprehensive library acquired 6000 volumes.

works (in selection)

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literature (in selection)

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