Ernst Wendt

Ernst Wendt (* 12. July 1937 in Hanover; † 12. August 1986 in Munich) was a German theatre director.

Wendt began its theatre career 1960 as a theatre critic. Together with Henning Rischbieter and the publisher Erhard Friedrich he created to today most important theatre magazine the theatre into the 1960er years today. With its criticisms, which did not only witness from literary quality and large expert knowledge, but also of large projecting us ability, he had relevant portion of the penetration of a new direction style in the German theatre. He saw as the first Kraft of a new theatre of directors such as Peter Stein, where others saw still scandals.

1967 began the practical theatre work Wendts, when the director of the residence theatre in Munich Hans Lietzau made it its drama door gene. The preparations to the productions Lietzaus increased both reputation and them resumed later their co-operation at the German Schauspielhaus in Hamburg and at the Schillertheater in Berlin . In Berlin Wendt produced for the first time.

1976 separated Wendt from Lietzau and went themselves back to Munich to the residents of Munich of chamber plays, where he ascended as a director until 1983 with altogether seventeen productions to one of the large theatre poets in Germany. It was concerned exactly the same with the classical period of the theatre such as William Shakespeare, Friedrich Schiller or Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, as also with young new authors such as Thomas Brasch.

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