Ernst Wollweber

Ernst Wollweber (* 18. October 1898 in Hannoversch flowing; † 3. May 1967 in east Berlin) was a German politician. From 1953 to 1957 he was a Minister for public security in the GDR.


as a son of a carpenter born, hires Wollweber on after the elementary school as a sailor. From 1916 to 1918 it serves the imperial navy in the submarine department and occurs 1919 the KPD . 1920 it travels to the Soviet Union and receives an intensive training in the sabotage technology. 1924 are accused Wollweber of its participation in the sailor rebellion and other rebellions of high treason and arrested to 1926. From 1928 to 1932 Wollweber is member of the Prussian federal state parliament, afterwards up to the seizure of power of the national socialists in March 1933 member of the German realm Reich. Since 1932 realm leaders of the unit federation of the sailors, dock labourers and Binnenschiffer in Hamburg, just as 1932 directors/conductors of the Org. - Department of the central committee of the KPD and member of the secretary of the executive committee the international one of the sailors and dock labourer (ISH), starting from 1933 secretary of the ISH in Copenhagen. Starting from 1936 he takes part in the illegal structure of an apparatus for the world-wide sabotage of the navy of the so-called fascist states. The act of sabotage ions find v.a. in Scandinavia instead of. In the Spanish civil war organize Wollweber 1937 weapon supplies for the republican government, however in May 1940 in Sweden one arrests. In order to escape its distribution to the German Reich, he is condemned to three further years detention. After receipt of the Soviet nationality 1944 he requests his departure. To a cure stay in Kislowodsk and a further stay in Moscow Wollweber returns in March 1946 to the Soviet zone of occupation and becomes in the May of the same yearly member of the again created SED. 1947 ascend Wollweber to the director/conductor of the central management navigation . Between 1950 and 1953 he develops the Wollweber organization as an undersecretary of state in the traffic Ministry on behalf the Soviet Union . In July 1953 Wollweber becomes the successor due to 17. June of fallen Minister for public security, William Zaisser, appointed and 1954 with the patriotic earnings/service medal excellently. Are from 1954 to 1958 Wollweber in addition member of the people chamber and member of the central committee of the SED. However it turns out and others because of his demand, again strengthens communism to intersperse, under pressure. Consequently Wollweber explains to 31. October 1957 “illness-causes” its resignation. Successor becomes his deputy Erich Mielke.

In the spring 1958 against it a procedure is introduced because of “offences against the party statute”, moreover it is excluded from the ZK of the SED. It receives a “strict party parteirüge” and must be mandate for the people chamber to lay down, it lives since then withdrawn into east Berlin. Its death at the 3. May 1967 receives little attention in the GDR only.


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