Ernst von Bergmann

Ernst Gustav Benjamin of miner (* 16. December 1836 in Riga, † 25. March 1907 in Wiesbaden) was a surgeon and professor of the medicine at the University of Dorpat, the University of peppering castle and since 1882 at the University of Berlin.

Its substantial earnings/services are the introduction of the Asepsis with the Wundbehandlung, in the brain and war surgery.

Ernst von Bergmann is the father of the internalists and professor for medicine Gustav of miner


Ernst von Bergmann came of to a livländischen minister family. After the higher education, which him in the human institute Birkenruh with turns (live country) assign became, it studied 1854 and 1860 in Dorpat medicine between. Following the graduation (1860) it was active as an assistant at the surgical hospital Dorpats, where it habilitierte itself 1864 under George von Adelmann and Georg von Öttingen. As a private lecturer in Chirugie it, by a longer study trip (king mountain, remained interrupted Breslau, Vienna, Hanover, Munich, Heidelberg, Leipzig and Berlin), until 1878, since 1871 in the follow-up of its teacher by aristocracy man than professor of the Chirugie, in Dorpat. After it had followed 1878 first a call after peppering castle, it transferred 1882 to Berlin the chair Bernhard von Langenbecks as well as you acct advice I. Surgical hospital.

Miner must certainly be added the largest surgeon of its time. Particularly in the war surgery it had as a participant of the Prussian-Austrian (1866), the French-German one (1870/1871) and the Russian-Turkish war (1877) is enough to be able to gain experiences. Its method of the strictly conservative treatment of the injuries of the knee joint, which it did not treat any longer operationally, was innovative, but immobilized after bandage with the Lister Wundverband in the gypsum federation (Pirogoff). In this way the deadly processes of this injury could be reduced dramatically. First, it replaced soon this dangerous procedure to the Lister method of the Antisepsis by spraying with Karbolsäure turned, which he practiced since 1875 at its Dorpater hospital by the employment of dry corrosive sublimate gauze, in order to finally leave 1886 completely the chemical Antisepsis. Together with his citizen of Berlin pupil mould shrubs it turned instead of its to the use of steam-sterilized dressing materials.

Miner developed many operational methods again or further, so among other things those the Appendektomie, the operational Ösophagus and Hydrozelenbehandlung. To the most important publications to miner `s belong its work over “the treatment of the firing wounds of the knee joint in the war “(1878), “the science of the head injuries “(1880) and “the surgical treatment of the brain diseases “(1888).

The surgeon tightened during the malicious laryngeal illness emperor Friedrich III. was..


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